Yard and Garden

In our Yard and Garden slot we've got some awesome gifts to suit every size of kingdom, from a moggie swinging teenie back yard, to palatial gardens with an 18 hole golf course down the bottom.  From Ziplines to Evil Zombie Gnomes, Outdoor Cinema Projection Screens, to a Fire Ring BBQ Table. You’ll find something for everybody, every garden, every pocket. Whether you’re a go-get-‘em green fingered gardener or a ‘put-ya-feet-up’ patio poser, we’ve collected together some perfect presents for your personal portion of the planet.  What are you waiting for? DIG IN!

252 $27.00

Solar Powered Light Up Bricks

Transform your pathway or patio area into a magical night-time wonderland with these Solar Powered...

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249 $53.00

Tabletop Fireplace

TiffanyGonk loves the Tabletop Fireplace, “It’s a warm fireplace and super stylish lounge decor...

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352 $51.00

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

This One Way Mirror Bird Feeder is like going on a blind date round at Hannibal Lecter's house, for...

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391 $97.00

Floating Golf Green Pool Game

Golfers the world over know that it’s the short game that leads to lower scores and water hazards...

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416 $61.00

Watermelon Swimming Pool Ball

Looks more tasty than a football; easier to kick than a watermelon. This Watermelon Swimming Pool...

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589 $168.00

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Probably the greatest invention since Dr Sandy Hill discovered dunes, this Gigantic Inflatable...

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367 $11.00

Hand Leaf Grabs

These Hand Leaf Grabs are Winner of Daily Gonk's Gardening Section 'Best invention for people who...

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261 $13.00

Not You Again Doormat

Send a message to visitors with the Not You Again Doormat! This non-skid and durable doormat is not...

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365 $245.00

Inflatable Basketball Court

Pump pump play! With the Slama Jama Inflatable Basketball Court, two minutes is all it takes to...

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265 $52.00

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Is your pussy scared to go outside? Is next-door's big Tabby Tom a constant threat? Safe and secure,...

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508 $5,397.00

Modern Three Person Hammock

Sturdy, relaxing and super luxury. This metallic Modern Three Person Hammock is ideal for 3 adult...

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562 $65.00

Doctor Who TARDIS Bird Feeder

The Dr Who TARDIS Bird Feeder is specially for little birdies cos just like the good Doctor, they...

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324 $16.00

Pen Cap Eating Utensils

Ever since Police Sergeant Harris got these Pen Cap Eating Utensils he’s started losing the plot....

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730 $33.00

Combat Garden Gnomes

Who says all gnomes have to be welcoming? Because with this aggressive little Combat Gnome in your...

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382 $334.00

Bleeding Zombie Target

If shooting cans is too tame and assuming humans are off limits, then Zombie Industries have the...

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249 $25.00

Garden Gnome Massacre Cat Statue

Looking for a way to keep your gnome numbers under control?  Why not install this Garden Gnome...

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369 $418.00

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub

Are you having difficulty attracting anything other than flies to your man cave?  With...

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337 $12.00

Neighbours Have Better Stuff Mat

Buy this Neighbours Have Better Stuff Mat and give credit where it's due.  They do have better...

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953 $156.00

Airsoft Grenade Launcher

We asked war-gamer Bill from Arkansas what he liked about the Airsoft Grenade Launcher?  "Well...

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713 $110.00

Zombie Garden Sculpture

Shock horror! The Zombie Garden Sculpture IS Uncle Reg! Uncle Reg always loved his garden, so it was...

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398 $12.00

Zombie Bikini

TiffanyGonk reckons girls will look drop dead gorgeous in this Zombie Bikini!  "The top is a pair...

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424 $257.00

Zipline Kit

Katey from Bethesda says, " This Zipline Kit is brilliant!  The kids play on it for hours and it's...

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303 $17.00

Wine Glass And Bottle Holders

Babs from San Diego reckons these Wine Glass And Bottle Holders are perfect for outdoors. ...

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494 $42.00

Home Slackline Kit

Next year it's the Grand Canyon! But first, little Eddie from Carolina has an equally daunting task....

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349 $58.00

Heated Door Mat

"There's Mud!  All over Grandad's new Heated Door Mat."  Says young Emily from Cork.  "Ever since...

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322 $43.00

Soda Water Bottle Launcher

Whoa! This Soda Water Bottle Launcher is capable of firing a 2 litre pop bottle up to 30 feet into...

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298 $20.00

Inflatable Floating Cooler

Inflatable Floating Cooler is a hit in referendum! A recent poll of spoilt brats and lounge lizards...

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449 $200.00

Giant Connect Four Game

Introducing the Giant Connect Four Game for the garden. If you find barbecuing stressful, why not...

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1556 $78.00

Giant Jenga Game

Forget those puny little sticks that you remove with your fingertips.  This Giant Jenga Game set of...

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658 $22.00

HandTrux Hand Powered Digger Arms

In the garden, on the beach; triple your power, extend your reach! No self respecting digger can be...

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411 $83.00

Inflatable Jabba The Hutt

If you're proud of your lovely garden but feel it's lacking something, why not balanced things off a...

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446 $34.00

Cat Hammock

Cats are obsessed with three things.  Eating, bringing home dead things and...

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305 $17.00

Netted Hanging Cocoon Hammock

This cool Netted Hanging Cocoon Hammock is strong enough to support two human caterpillars. ...

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