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Welcome to our What’s New Category.  It’s like the catwalk for our latest gear, gizmos and gadgets.  Just like the great hunters of old, we’ve been out there tracking down fantastic products and unique gifts from all over the world and now, this is their chance to shine.  Their first opportunity to bask in the glory of global fame; parading themselves like A-list celebs on the red carpet. They’re a gang of most original, funny, useful, ridiculous, clever, and zany products on the planet and these are the latest to get through the demanding GiftGonk selection process. Enjoy…...!

267 £17.00

Laser Gun Alarm Clock

Go off punk and make my day! Yes this Laser Gun Alarm Clock will not stop until you hit the target...

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234 £41.00

Tabletop Fireplace

TiffanyGonk loves the Tabletop Fireplace, “It’s a warm fireplace and super stylish lounge decor...

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219 £20.00

T-Rex Bottle Opener

One for all dinosaur-loving drinkers! The T-Rex Bottle Opener does to bottle tops what the real...

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311 £6.00

Swearing Around The World Book

This Swearing Around The World Book will let you mingle with the locals wherever you are on the...

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324 £13.00

Super Strong Moldable Glue

This amazing Super Strong Moldable Glue defies all the laws of, well, glue! It doesn't stick your...

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489 £10.00

Testicle Bike Light

Some say you've got to have balls to ride around with these dangling from your rear end!  True, the...

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283 £35.00

Super Mario Wall Stickers

These Super Mario Wall Stickers could save your parents' sanity! You could turn your bedroom into...

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305 £17.00

Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack

Using this Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack you can disguise yourself as a Koopa Troopa ( one of...

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310 £49.00

Super Mario Bros. Monopoly

This Super Mario Bros. Monopoly is an 8-bit styled version of the classic board game Monopoly and a...

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229 £28.00

Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack

The Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack solves an age old problem for you and Super Mario. He's...

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301 £32.00

Super Mario Motion Sensor Boo Lamp

This Super Mario Motion Sensor Boo Lamp works exactly like in the game. Just as the real Boos try...

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298 £290.00

Home Lie Detector Test

This Home Lie Detector Test will help solve puzzling home-based mysteries! Who took the last piece...

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249 £25.00

Stainless Steel Drink Cooling Balls

It takes Stainless Steel Drink Cooling Balls to cool your whiskey to the perfect temperature...

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244 £41.00

Magic Wand TV Remote

Amaze your muggle friends by waving this Magic Wand TV Remote at the telly and shouting "Teevee...

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210 £11.00

Bacon Chemistry T Shirt

Scientists now agree that a daily dose of Bacon can make you feel great! And this Bacon Chemistry T...

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476 £5.00

Switchblade Bottle Opener

“Hey Rambo, can you open my bottle please?” Complete your all-action-hero look at barbies and...

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446 £21.00

Beer Belly Drinking Pouch

The Beer Belly Drinking Pouch lets you easily blend in with other middle-aged men but you'll be the...

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283 £10.00

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

The Beer Tracker Bottle Opener will keep counting your alcohol intake even when you're too far gone...

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316 £52.00

Wired Nintendo 64 USB Controller

Sometimes progress is overrated! Back in the day, the Nintendo 64 controller was the best ever and...

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289 £81.00

Under Desk Foot Rest Hammock

You might think that someone considering an Under Desk Foot Rest Hammock has a little too much time...

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369 £6.00

USB Mug Warmer

If you're too busy tapping away on your machine to reheat your coffee then the USB Mug Warmer is...

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248 £45.00

Nintendo Classic Mini Console

Rediscover the joy of retro gaming with over 30 pre-installed epic NES games on the Nintendo Classic...

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312 £399.00

Portable Multiplatform Gaming Console

Gaming geeks! Avoid speaking to, or meeting eyes with, any other human at a moments notice with...

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332 £10.00

Working Gameboy iPhone Case

So the company's banned texting in meetings but your girlfriend needs an urgent reply? No problem;...

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234 £41.00

Flavoured Worm Snacks

It’s protein Captain but not as we know it! These Flavoured Worm Snacks are one of the favourite...

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342 £460.00

Cordless Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Careful what you wish for….!  “I bought my dad a Robotic Lawn Mower last year.” writes Laura...

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218 £105.00

Star Wars On Ear Headphones

Help me Obe Wan Kenobi – I need a new pair of bins! These super-cool ‘First Edition’ Star Wars...

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392 £40.00

Death Star Popcorn Maker

It's a little known fact that the real Death Star was based on the Death Star Popcorn Maker.  Old...

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348 £6.00

Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit

This Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit is the best immersive experience made of cardboard since you were...

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274 £89.00

Lightweight Inflatable Kayak

So you’ve seen ‘Deliverance’ and still think a kayak's a good idea – you're granite in human...

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309 £2.00

MacBook Rainbow Keyboard Cover

Spotting something hilarious in The Daily Gonk Blog, you chuckle so much, you knock coffee all over...

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511 £10.00

Water Leak Detector Alarm

This Water Leak Detector Alarm detects baby water leaks before they have chance to become the daddy...

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975 £67.00

Assassins Creed Hidden Blade

This Assassins Creed Hidden Blade Gauntlet has two types of fans. There are the avid collectors who...

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