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Welcome to our What’s New Category.  It’s like the catwalk for our latest gear, gizmos and gadgets.  Just like the great hunters of old, we’ve been out there tracking down fantastic products and unique gifts from all over the world and now, this is their chance to shine.  Their first opportunity to bask in the glory of global fame; parading themselves like A-list celebs on the red carpet. They’re a gang of most original, funny, useful, ridiculous, clever, and zany products on the planet and these are the latest to get through the demanding GiftGonk selection process. Enjoy…...!

217 £11.00

Neck Tie Pillow

Neck Tie Pillow provokes outrage!! “Dear all people, everybody knows that boys work harder than...

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636 £35.00

Baby Mop Onesie

Mums! You know how hectic it is in those first 18 months. Now, with this Baby Mop Onesie, you can at...

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638 £16.00

Mullet Headband

Yes guys, it's back - the Mullet Headband! If you missed out on the original ‘Hairstyle of the...

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328 £7.00

Star Trek Spock Socks

“Set phasers to stunning!” These Men’s Star Trek Spock Socks are 100% official, 3% Spandex and...

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323 £77.00

Dual Drink Backpack

Ideal for indecisive types who love long walks, this Dual Drink Backpack with padded straps will...

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511 £27.00

Mike Tyson Merry Chrithmith Sweater

With the Mike Tyson Merry Chrithmith Sweater, it's not what you say but how you say it that counts!...

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872 £5.00

Portable Pizza Pouch

“Change takes time.” reckons Darren from Winchester. “This Portable Pizza Pouch is easy to...

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395 £13.00

Dad Gut Fanny Pack

With the Dad Gut Fanny Pack you can achieve in two minutes what it took your dad decades to build!...

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410 £11.00

Endless Edges Brownie Pan

Mums! Are you fed up with the kids arguing over who gets the crispy edge bit? Dads! Are you fed up...

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621 £11.00

Pizza Cone Maker

If your favourite piece of the pizza is the base – look away now! If, on the other hand, you’re...

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