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Welcome to our What’s New Category.  It’s like the catwalk for our latest gear, gizmos and gadgets.  Just like the great hunters of old, we’ve been out there tracking down fantastic products and unique gifts from all over the world and now, this is their chance to shine.  Their first opportunity to bask in the glory of global fame; parading themselves like A-list celebs on the red carpet. They’re a gang of most original, funny, useful, ridiculous, clever, and zany products on the planet and these are the latest to get through the demanding GiftGonk selection process. Enjoy…...!

426 $21.00

Retro Brick Cell Phone

I proposed to your mother on this Retro Brick Cell Phone said Diddy Dave from Rochester to his 28...

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392 $223.00

Remote App Controlled Spy Tank

Of course you wouldn’t use this Remote App Controlled Spy Tank to see what your mates are up to...

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417 $391.00

Remote Control Submarine Camera

This Remote Control Submarine Camera lets you explore the depths without getting your ‘tootsies’...

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499 $27.00

Pumpkin Cake Mould

This Pumpkin Cake Mould is great on at least two occasions. One - it's Halloween, you hate the...

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407 $27.00

Retro Corded iPhone Handset

Handset frying your brain? Can’t remember your own name? Take a first step on the road to recovery...

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354 $88.00

EzyRoller Classic Ride On Kart

It’s not a bike! It’s not a scooter. The EzyRoller Classic is a cross between a kart and a...

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386 $302.00

Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag

This Sea to Summit Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag is great for backpackers, cyclists and trekkers and...

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438 $14.00

Racing Grannies

On your marks get set..... shuffle! Yes, Racing Grannies - the item everyone's has been crying...

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348 $250.00

Ultra HD Pocket Projector

Wherever you wonder, with this mini Ultra HD Pocket Projector, you can now project HD movies,...

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375 $53.00

Smart Wireless Baby Monitor

"Go back to sleep, human baby thing.." Yes, this Smart Wireless Baby Monitor is where baby-sitting...

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935 $43.00

Slender Man Costume

Slender Man Costume baffles police!! "Can you recall what your assailant looked like?" “Oh...

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300 $28.00

Solar Powered Light Up Bricks

Transform your pathway or patio area into a magical night-time wonderland with these Solar Powered...

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452 $69.00

Bald Eagle Mask

This Bald Eagle Mask is great for parties, bank jobs and generally scaring people with your...

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338 $11.00

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Forget heavy, clunky battery chargers that come in either small generator or nuclear power-plant...

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462 $2.00

Snail Tea Bag Holder

Public in Shell Shock over Snail Tea Bag Holder! Yes it's official - snails brew the best tea!...

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217 $46.00

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

The Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane adds modern technology to your kiddy level Origami skills,...

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535 $1,431.00

Offroad Motorised Cooler

Be first on the party list when you're the proud owner of the 48-litre capacity Offroad Motorised...

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458 $66.00

Wall Mounted T Rex Head Trophy

This Wall Mounted T Rex Head Trophy has two great purposes... a) impress your mates and b)...

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445 $41.00

Banana Phone

It’s yellow and shaped like a banana so it must be a…......phone? Oh yes, this super...

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258 $24.00

Barack Obama Action Figure

This Barack Obama Action Figure proves that politics is so cruel! One minute, you're the leader...

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550 $20.00

Batman Dog Costume

This Batman Dog Costume is so realistic it could fool any Gotham City resident who isn't paying...

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545 $12.00

Water Balloon Russian Roulette

With this Water Balloon Russian Roulette at your party, you can recreate the unbearably tense scene...

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373 $107.00

Military Style Tactical Vest

This Military Style Tactical Vest is great for storing rounds of ammo, knives, guns and any other...

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384 $23.00

Snowball Crossbow Launcher

According to legend the Snowball Crossbow was first used by marksman William Tell to practice before...

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487 $14.00

Mr Sniffles Snot Nose Egg Separator

This Snot Nose Egg Separator proves it is possible to produce a product that's both super useful and...

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248 $90.00

Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

Harness the power of our nearest star and you can tap away all day with this Solar Powered Wireless...

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571 $4.00

Two Front Teeth Baby Dummy

With the Two Front Teeth Baby Dummy you can get your own back for the sleepless nights, the dirty...

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581 $110.00

Vinyl Record Dinner Placemats

Our resident DJ, Dr Gonk loves these Vinyl Record Dinner Placemats “They remind me of ma...

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312 $33.00

Vintage Style Snow Cone Cart

According to our Science Correspondent this Vintage Style Snow Cone Cart really bucks the trend....

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491 $8.00

Two Person Underwear

These Two Person Underwear are ideal for two people or four GiftGonks! In a surprising turn of...

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305 $20.00

Watermelon Tap Kit

The right way to use the Watermelon Tap Kit is to firstly cut the top off the watermelon and scoop...

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352 $25.00

Water Purifying Straw

This Water Purifying Straw from LifeStraw is an amazing little tool that can save lives! It's...

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562 $2.00

Twister Bed Sheets

Twister Bed Sheets add a little more action to bedtime as they're colour coded in exactly the same...

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