Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag £232.00

Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag in hand and unfurled on a frosty forest background

This Sea to Summit Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag is great for backpackers, cyclists and trekkers and also for Cyril from Rochester! He says he can now turn up at any party, stay way beyond his welcome and when the host says they have no beds for a stay-over, he simply winks and dips into his jacket pocket! “This amazing sleeping bag is so ultra light and super compressible, no-one sees it coming!”

  • Ultra light sleeping bag
  • Premium goose down
  • Extremely compressible to below 3 litre volume
  • Full hood with drawstring
  • Durable nylon shell
  • Conical design foot-box
  • Soft-feeling lining
  • Sewed-in tube over zip to eliminate cold spots
  • Dry and cosy night’s sleep
  • Great for adventuring!


Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag 002Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag 000
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