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Little Trinnie and Toddie Gonk have got Toys and Games totally taped, so you’ll find loads of fantastic gifts for kids as well as some wacky, fun and frustratingly difficult games for teenagers and adults.  From gentle, instructive toys like the Simpsons Lego Set or Glow in the Dark Bubbles, to outdoor action like the Zipline Kit or the explosive energy of the Soda Water Bottle Launcher. Keep them quietly occupied for hours with a Game of Thrones Colouring Book or let them express their inner demons with an N-Strike Elite Fire Blaster. But don’t blame us if they launch a raid on the Sweetie Shop!

188 $223.00

Remote App Controlled Spy Tank

Of course you wouldn’t use this Remote App Controlled Spy Tank to see what your mates are up to...

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135 $88.00

EzyRoller Classic Ride On Kart

It’s not a bike! It’s not a scooter. The EzyRoller Classic is a cross between a kart and a...

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172 $14.00

Racing Grannies

On your marks get set..... shuffle! Yes, Racing Grannies - the item everyone's has been crying...

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267 $12.00

Water Balloon Russian Roulette

With this Water Balloon Russian Roulette at your party, you can recreate the unbearably tense scene...

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180 $23.00

Snowball Crossbow Launcher

According to legend the Snowball Crossbow was first used by marksman William Tell to practice before...

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169 $64.00

Super Mario Bros. Monopoly

This Super Mario Bros. Monopoly is an 8-bit styled version of the classic board game Monopoly and a...

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191 $68.00

Wired Nintendo 64 USB Controller

Sometimes progress is overrated! Back in the day, the Nintendo 64 controller was the best ever and...

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162 $59.00

Nintendo Classic Mini Console

Rediscover the joy of retro gaming with over 30 pre-installed epic NES games on the Nintendo Classic...

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201 $519.00

Portable Multiplatform Gaming Console

Gaming geeks! Avoid speaking to, or meeting eyes with, any other human at a moments notice with...

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225 $14.00

Working Gameboy iPhone Case

So the company's banned texting in meetings but your girlfriend needs an urgent reply? No problem;...

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724 $88.00

Assassins Creed Hidden Blade

This Assassins Creed Hidden Blade Gauntlet has two types of fans. There are the avid collectors who...

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456 $85.00

3D Three Dimensional Chess Board

Brain the size of a planet? Bored with chess for mere mortals? This brushed Aluminium and Lucite 3D...

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285 $781.00

Rechargeable Battery Powered Underwater Scooter

Keep up with your favourite marine life for up to 1.5 hours with this Rechargeable Battery Powered...

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260 $98.00

Floating Golf Green Pool Game

Golfers the world over know that it’s the short game that leads to lower scores and water hazards...

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287 $62.00

Watermelon Swimming Pool Ball

Looks more tasty than a football; easier to kick than a watermelon. This Watermelon Swimming Pool...

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374 $170.00

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Probably the greatest invention since Dr Sandy Hill discovered dunes, this Gigantic Inflatable...

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325 $36.00

Shots And Ladders Board Game

The Shots And Ladders Board Game is a huge improvement on the game you played as kids. Remember how...

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224 $12.00

Hover Soccer Ball Disk

Hockey puck not big enough? Soccer ball just too round? Wanna play outside or in, without smashing...

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185 $72.00

Marshmallow Bow

The Marshmallow Bow is thought to be the reason Robin Hood’s men were so Merry. They used all that...

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341 $10.00

Office Catapult

Fed up of office politics, pooped off with the boss, bored with the drudge? Maybe  a little...

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228 $209.00

Stair Rover Longboard

On normal terrain the Stair Rover Longboard is the equal of any board out there, but when you...

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336 $17.00

Stress Mushroom

Boss being a moron? Missed the bus home? Dog’s ate your dinner? Forget yoga- it's time to whip out...

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227 $248.00

Inflatable Basketball Court

Pump pump play! With the Slama Jama Inflatable Basketball Court, two minutes is all it takes to...

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149 $41.00

Multicolor Lightsaber Room Light

So, build a lightsaber want you to? This amazing remote control Multicolor Lightsaber Room Light has...

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288 $123.00

Nerf N Strike Blaster

Nothing makes your enemies hit the turf faster than a well-handled burst from your Nerf N Strike...

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495 $47.00

Harry Potter Wand

This high-quality Harry Potter Wand is an amazing replica of the wand used in the Harry Potter...

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320 $261.00

Cozmo The Educational Toy Robot

Cozmo The Educational Toy Robot is entertainer, sidekick and playmate in one. He gets to know your...

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236 $79.00

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Kite

Millennium Falcon Kite - overheard conversation....Han: “What looks like the Millennium Falcon and...

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192 $29.00

Bubble Shooting Helicopter

One remote control; check. One Bubble Shooting Helicopter; check. Bubble tank filled;check. Then the...

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306 $33.00

Remote Control Doctor Who Flying TARDIS

Collectors and Dr Whovians will love this remote control version of the Doctor Who Flying TARDIS. It...

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181 $73.00

Johnny the Skull Ghost Shooting Game

Tall, devastatingly handsome Johnny the Skull seemingly has it all!  He wishes - he's actually...

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496 $436.00

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Replica

This is an exact replica of the original Flux Capacitor that sent Marty and the Prof back to 1955....

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751 $27.00

The One Ring Lord of the Rings Replica

"The One Ring to rule them all.  One ring to ....."   yeah whatever!  There IS only one so hurry...

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