Tools and DIY

Bob Gonk and his team are into Tools big time - he’s expert in all things DIY. He knows which tool to use and why; how to measure things and which things to measure.  He can construct a piece of wood out of ….bigger wood, with a deft stroke of his saw. He can screw previously unconnected pieces of stuff together, in a way that looks botched quite good. All in all, BobG and the DIY team are the obvious guys to bring you the biggest collection of unique, handy, wacky and not at all dangerous gifts for tradesmen and DIYers alike!  And as soon as they’ve finished their tea break, they’ll be right back on the job!

356 £13.00

Super Strong Moldable Glue

This amazing Super Strong Moldable Glue defies all the laws of, well, glue! It doesn't stick your...

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383 £460.00

Cordless Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Careful what you wish for….!  “I bought my dad a Robotic Lawn Mower last year.” writes Laura...

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555 £10.00

Water Leak Detector Alarm

This Water Leak Detector Alarm detects baby water leaks before they have chance to become the daddy...

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392 £8.00

Hand Leaf Grabs

These Hand Leaf Grabs are Winner of Daily Gonk's Gardening Section 'Best invention for people who...

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495 £9.00

Flexible Drill Bit Extension

One of BobGonk's cherished pieces of DIY kit, this Flexible Drill Bit Extension features heavily in...

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321 £262.00

Desktop 3D Printer

This Desktop 3D Printer can make just about anything you can think of and plenty you can’t. Mandy...

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433 £16.00

Lightweight Throwing Hatchet

We like to seek out new and interesting products for humans, even if they frighten the Heebie...

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454 £17.00

Pocket Portable Guitar Practice Tool

Scientists reckon it takes 10,000 hours practice to become a genius. Can’t wait, but wanna be the...

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292 £8.00

Key Shaped Knife

This little stainless steel blade is cleverly hidden in a Key Shaped Knife handle.  Perfect for...

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787 £51.00

Breaking Bad Yellow Overalls

These Breaking Bad Yellow Overalls are great for all your filthy chores.  Cleaning the drains might...

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349 £6.00

Pineapple Slicer

Is your pineapple slicing below par? Are your lovely fruit salads ruined by chewy bits of bark? Do...

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339 £12.00

Pen Cap Eating Utensils

Ever since Police Sergeant Harris got these Pen Cap Eating Utensils he’s started losing the plot....

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1303 £12.00

Moon Cannon Potato Gun

Blimey, potato guns have come a long way! Back in the day, if we shot a morsel over ten feet we were...

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541 £9.00

Wrestling Luchador Bottle Opener

If you're a fan of Mexican wrestling and beer then you'll mucho amore this Wrestling Luchador Bottle...

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279 £35.00

Flexible LED Torch

This Flexible LED Torch is ultra light, flashlight and floodlight in one!  It has more multicolour...

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363 £4.00

Poo Pen

This Poo Pen is the ultimate in theft-proof writing equipment.  Who wouldn't think twice before...

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454 £1.00

Bottle Opener Ring

The Bottle Opener Ring - ONE RING to open them all!  Old Frodo would have had a lot less hassle and...

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544 £126.00

Fire Powered USB Power bank

"This is so far out man!" A confused Hippy Gonk held up the Fire Powered USB Power Bank Charger. ...

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1711 £22.00

Giant Pencil

Mona Lisa.  The Sistine Chapel.  Sunflowers.  All great works of art.  Well yeah, maybe!  But...

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294 £20.00

Trench Hawk Trainer

Ok guys, before you get too excited, this is the Trench Hawk Trainer.  Yes, BobGonk has gone a bit...

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516 £20.00

Star Wars Han Solo In Carbonite Bottle Opener

This Star Wars Han Solo In Carbonite Bottle Opener is Darth Vader's favourite. He especially loves...

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348 £58.00

Instant Charcoal Lighter

Instant Charcoal Lighter saves Dave! Dave's done it all! Alongside rolled up newspapers and...

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266 £13.00

Machete Spatula

The Machete Spatula is Jeff the Serial Killer's favourite barbecue tool!  Besides being perfect for...

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255 £8.00

Hammer Bottle Opener

Doesn't the Hammer Bottle Opener combine a powerful wrecking tool with alcohol?  But surely that's...

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319 £10.00

Axe Multi Tool

No self respecting DIYer, handyman or serial murderer can be seen jaunting about without this Axe...

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285 £4.00

4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

Debbie from Bedford says “Since I bought my husband his 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver he's like a...

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482 £12.00

Magnetic Wristband

The Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband is doing nothing for Eddie's dwindling love life! But his mate...

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371 £13.00

Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves

The makers say these Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves provide 'cut and slash protection from knives'....

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