Smart Wireless Baby Monitor $53.00

Smart Wireless Baby Monitor used to view two kids in a cot on iPhone

“Go back to sleep, human baby thing..” Yes, this Smart Wireless Baby Monitor is where baby-sitting meets Big Brother, Gonkstyle. Now you can not only see and hear what the little tyke is up to, you can also attempt to negotiate remotely! Interestingly, the manufacturer does not guarantee the sprog will take any notice!

  • has an optical filter to ensure no color deviation indoor or outdoor.
  • adjustable motion detection sensing level
  • can trigger instant email notification on movement
  • Android and iOS compatible – live video viewed via iphone/ ipad/ Android phone/ tablet/ PC etc.
  • plug and play – easy to set up
  • built-in speaker and microphone gives two way audio capability.
Smart Wireless Baby Monitor 003Smart Wireless Baby Monitor 000
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