Secret Santa

Our unique list of Secret Santa Gifts is the place to look for fun gifts at low prices that even the office junior can afford. Wrap up a  stunning Trillion Zimbawean Dollars for gorgeous Betty in recruiting or present grumpy Doug in Audit with some growable balls. There's something here for everyone to let your co-workers know how much you really care - up to a maximum budget, of course Doug!

423 £1.00

Snail Tea Bag Holder

Public in Shell Shock over Snail Tea Bag Holder! Yes it's official - snails brew the best tea!...

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533 £10.00

Testicle Bike Light

Some say you've got to have balls to ride around with these dangling from your rear end!  True, the...

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410 £7.00

Titanic Ice Cube Mold

All those hopes, those dreams, those lives lost - reduced to this a little boat-shaped ice cube....

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259 £15.00

Gold Bar USB Memory Stick

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! Right up there with a Ferrari, this baby screams “I’ve got...

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281 £3.00

Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos

Ever wondered why your fingers fit perfectly between your nose and top lip? Evolution and ink...

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369 £12.00

The NoPhone

Nominated for the No Bill Peace prize, The NoPhone is rubber, has no data plan, no monthly...

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467 £49.00

Star Wars Yoda Christmas Lights

The Star Wars Yoda Christmas Lights are a lesson to us all!  After one hundred years of training...

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1020 £59.00

Star Wars Chewbacca Backpack

If Chewie can protect Hans Solo with all his antics, he can sure handle your sandwiches and...

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263 £30.00

World's Greatest Board Drinking Game

Drink-A-Palooza hilariously combines all of the great drinking games into the World's Greatest Board...

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319 £14.00

Zombie Tarot Cards

If you think Tarot cards are weird, wait till you see the symbols on these Zombie Tarot Cards. ...

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404 £6.00

Zombie Sleeping Mask

Scare your loved ones to death as you sleep on peacefully, wearing this one size fits all Zombie...

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335 £13.00

Zombie Head Decanter

Zombie Head Decanter reveals Derek's cunning! Derek's parents told him to stop filling his head with...

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290 £27.00

Zombie Bottle Opener

It's bad enough having rotting flesh and a face full of open sores.  Now this poor guy has had to...

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251 £50.00

Zombie Back Scratcher

This Zombie Back Scratcher is made from genuine zombie body parts.  Some undead loser has his arm...

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303 £17.00

Zippo Hand Warmer

‘Letchy Bob’ from Car Pool was always asking Rosy if she could warm his hands. Then his wife...

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429 £2.00

Zipper Bookmarks

Never lose your page again!  Zip right back to where you left off with this set of colourful Zipper...

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546 £10.00

Zimbabwe Trillion Dollar Bills

You open the briefcase and there it is  - filled to the latches with Zimbabwe Trillion Dollar...

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513 £26.00

YouTube Video Shower Curtain

To all my fans! I'm planning to have a shower at 5:30 this evening using my new YouTube Video Shower...

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571 £8.00

You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser

Stop press! Earlier today police swooped on ace reporter, Dirk Gonk, outside a public convenience,...

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487 £11.00

You Have Just Been Poisoned Glass

Igor? Make sure Mr Bond enjoys his final Martini!   Now, remember! Use the You Have Just Been...

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432 £9.00

WTF Stamp

The WTF Stamp is only just back in stock, after the Wild Turkey Federation bought a job lot.  It's...

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549 £29.00

Extra Large Coffee Mug

Bob Dylan’s ‘One More Cup of Coffee’ is a beautiful, evocative song that lasts less than 4...

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250 £15.00

Traveller's World Scratch Map

With this Traveller's World Scratch Map you can literally mark off everywhere you ever been! Well,...

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260 £6.00

Wine Monkey Bottle Caddy

The Wine Monkey Bottle Caddy does several things at once. The all-over snug fit protects most bottle...

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336 £7.00

Star Wars Where's The Wookiee Book

Chewbacca, Han Solo's pal, is on the run! His enemies, the Evil Empire are searching the galaxy high...

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375 £11.00

Waterproof Notepad

Experts think if Shakespeare had owned a Waterproof Notepad he'd have written another 3 plays, 2...

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244 £39.00

Animated Fireplace Christmas Sweater

Matt from Breckenridge reckons that since his mate Dave got this Animated Fireplace Christmas...

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540 £8.00

Game of Thrones Colouring Book

Release the safety catch on your chest of crayons.  Draw back your colouring-in arm.  Then open...

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541 £9.00

Wrestling Luchador Bottle Opener

If you're a fan of Mexican wrestling and beer then you'll mucho amore this Wrestling Luchador Bottle...

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363 £4.00

Poo Pen

This Poo Pen is the ultimate in theft-proof writing equipment.  Who wouldn't think twice before...

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267 £5.00

Shark Attack Glass

At the party, Brad was unaware he was sipping from a Shark Attack Glass "Yeah, I'm a real...

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237 £9.00

Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug

We're not sure whether they used filter or instant coffee to power the original lightsabers.  But...

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262 £13.00

Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper

Whether you’re a night-time toilet visitor or you just haven’t paid the electric bill, help is...

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