Outdoors and Camping

Is your idea of the great outdoors a trek across the Rockies in winter?  Or are you more up for venturing onto the patio for a glass of Prosecco, while your husband barbecues a frozen ready meal?  Whatever your appetite for excitement and however far you roam from your back door, we have all the equipment you could possibly need to make every outdoor, camping and hiking experience unforgettable.  It has to be said though, that, apart from SidGonk’s first aid certificate, we’re more expert in the frivolous, fun side of ‘unforgettable’ than the ‘remember the time I lost 3 fingers to frostbite or fell down a ravine’ type of memorable moment.  Just sayin’!

417 £300.00

Remote Control Submarine Camera

This Remote Control Submarine Camera lets you explore the depths without getting your ‘tootsies’...

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386 £232.00

Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag

This Sea to Summit Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag is great for backpackers, cyclists and trekkers and...

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348 £192.00

Ultra HD Pocket Projector

Wherever you wonder, with this mini Ultra HD Pocket Projector, you can now project HD movies,...

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535 £1,099.00

Offroad Motorised Cooler

Be first on the party list when you're the proud owner of the 48-litre capacity Offroad Motorised...

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373 £82.00

Military Style Tactical Vest

This Military Style Tactical Vest is great for storing rounds of ammo, knives, guns and any other...

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305 £15.00

Watermelon Tap Kit

The right way to use the Watermelon Tap Kit is to firstly cut the top off the watermelon and scoop...

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352 £19.00

Water Purifying Straw

This Water Purifying Straw from LifeStraw is an amazing little tool that can save lives! It's...

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330 £89.00

Lightweight Inflatable Kayak

So you’ve seen ‘Deliverance’ and still think a kayak's a good idea – you're granite in human...

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1025 £46.00

Star Wars Yoda Backpack

“So, for school a backpack you need?” “Cuddly this is, so things secure keep will I for...

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485 £16.00

Lightweight Throwing Hatchet

We like to seek out new and interesting products for humans, even if they frighten the Heebie...

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553 £40.00

Planet Plates

Eat your breakfast on Uranus or your nachos on Neptune with these watercolour Planet Plates. This...

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315 £8.00

Key Shaped Knife

This little stainless steel blade is cleverly hidden in a Key Shaped Knife handle.  Perfect for...

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396 £60.00

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Kite

Millennium Falcon Kite - overheard conversation....Han: “What looks like the Millennium Falcon and...

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554 £4,200.00

Modern Three Person Hammock

Sturdy, relaxing and super luxury. This metallic Modern Three Person Hammock is ideal for 3 adult...

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606 £5.00

Archie McPhee Emergency Underpants

Do you have a leaky valve? Problems in the basement? Urgent system malfunction? If emergency...

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370 £12.00

Pen Cap Eating Utensils

Ever since Police Sergeant Harris got these Pen Cap Eating Utensils he’s started losing the plot....

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733 £20.00

Heart Shaped Umbrella

The Heart Shaped Umbrella is ideal if want to buy your loved one something to shelter them from the...

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318 £25.00

Cardboard Radio and MP3 Speaker

Welcome to Cardboard Radio on 93.5 FM (Forest Mulch). Yes, this really is a portable FM Cardboard...

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452 £260.00

Bleeding Zombie Target

If shooting cans is too tame and assuming humans are off limits, then Zombie Industries have the...

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444 £325.00

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub

Are you having difficulty attracting anything other than flies to your man cave?  With...

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452 £55.00

Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boat

Rule the pool with The Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boat.  It's every super-villains dream...

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524 £175.00

Travelling Cat Backpack

This Travelling Cat Backpack has Mickey in two minds.  He's the only moggie on our team and a...

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1036 £121.00

Airsoft Grenade Launcher

We asked war-gamer Bill from Arkansas what he liked about the Airsoft Grenade Launcher?  "Well...

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326 £17.00

Zippo Hand Warmer

‘Letchy Bob’ from Car Pool was always asking Rosy if she could warm his hands. Then his wife...

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481 £200.00

Zipline Kit

Katey from Bethesda says, " This Zipline Kit is brilliant!  The kids play on it for hours and it's...

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604 £8.00

You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser

Stop press! Earlier today police swooped on ace reporter, Dirk Gonk, outside a public convenience,...

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340 £13.00

Wine Glass And Bottle Holders

Babs from San Diego reckons these Wine Glass And Bottle Holders are perfect for outdoors. ...

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851 £19.00

Wine Bra

The Wine Bra pays for itself after just a couple of nights out!  Simply fill up your cups with your...

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423 £1.00

Webbed Fingers Swimming Gloves

Most people would buy these Webbed Fingers Swimming Gloves to help speed them through the water. ...

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487 £122.00

Wearable Sleeping Bag

Has anyone ever had a decent night's sleep in a standard sleeping bag? Overheating, twisting,...

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621 £60.00

Orbit Wheel Circular Skates

Ever since Grandma got her new hip, I’ve not been able to get her off my Orbit Wheel Circular...

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547 £32.00

Home Slackline Kit

Next year it's the Grand Canyon! But first, little Eddie from Carolina has an equally daunting task....

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389 £45.00

Heated Door Mat

"There's Mud!  All over Grandad's new Heated Door Mat."  Says young Emily from Cork.  "Ever since...

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