Office and Coworkers

Here you’ll find unique, funny and zany gifts for the office, that will brighten any Monday morning. From great gear that might just get you that next promotion, to presents for your coworkers that could make you the office hero or villain!  Whether your days are spent fending off customers, sitting through game changing strategic insight collaboration meet-ups or staring out of the window, we’ve got loads of great gift ideas here, on a scale from smile, to snigger, to crack up uncontrollably in front of the boss!  So go ahead - run them up the unpacking flagpole…!

408 $27.00

Retro Corded iPhone Handset

Handset frying your brain? Can’t remember your own name? Take a first step on the road to recovery...

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248 $90.00

Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

Harness the power of our nearest star and you can tap away all day with this Solar Powered Wireless...

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378 $17.00

Super Strong Moldable Glue

This amazing Super Strong Moldable Glue defies all the laws of, well, glue! It doesn't stick your...

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361 $106.00

Under Desk Foot Rest Hammock

You might think that someone considering an Under Desk Foot Rest Hammock has a little too much time...

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370 $3.00

MacBook Rainbow Keyboard Cover

Spotting something hilarious in The Daily Gonk Blog, you chuckle so much, you knock coffee all over...

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539 $10.00

Office Catapult

Fed up of office politics, pooped off with the boss, bored with the drudge? Maybe  a little...

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914 $6.00

Humping USB Dog

Sheldon, our Geek Gonk was on the phone, excited about his latest find - the Humping USB Dog!...

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319 $211.00

Retro Typewriter Keyboard

They were beautiful, they were stylish, they were classy; but if you made a mistake they were a...

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605 $17.00

Stress Mushroom

Boss being a moron? Missed the bus home? Dog’s ate your dinner? Forget yoga- it's time to whip out...

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334 $17.00

Floating Bookshelves

Invented by the great magician GonzoGonk, these Floating Bookshelves make your books appear to hover...

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932 $12.00

Portal Sentry Turret Desk Defender

Have to leave your desk for a while but worried about prying eyes or criminal types. Get yourself...

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333 $21.00

Iron Man USB Stick

Get some extra mobile, mean and menacing memory with this Iron Man USB Stick. Whoa - the eyes light...

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281 $20.00

Gold Bar USB Memory Stick

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! Right up there with a Ferrari, this baby screams “I’ve got...

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334 $47.00

Wireless Virtual Keyboard Projector

No tangled wires, no batteries, no broken keys…. No keyboard!!! The amazing Wireless Virtual...

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413 $15.00

Best Entry Level Employee Mug

If the boss has just presented you with this wonderful Best Entry Level Employee Mug, after four...

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399 $16.00

The NoPhone

Nominated for the No Bill Peace prize, The NoPhone is rubber, has no data plan, no monthly...

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288 $29.00

Colossal Roll Of Bubble Wrap

Whether you're moving to a new mansion or fancy the popping challenge for lifetime this 100 m...

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407 $14.00

Up Yours Mug

Want to give your boss or another toadie some basic feedback but too scared?  No problem - with...

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467 $23.00

Pixel Mouse

There's loads of mice/ mouses (?) around, but none say, “That’s MY mouse and that’s where MY...

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286 $40.00

World's Greatest Board Drinking Game

Drink-A-Palooza hilariously combines all of the great drinking games into the World's Greatest Board...

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341 $2.00

Zombie Bookends

Wanted: Zombie Bookends Assistants! As an average zombie you don't have fantastic career...

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585 $13.00

Zimbabwe Trillion Dollar Bills

You open the briefcase and there it is  - filled to the latches with Zimbabwe Trillion Dollar...

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555 $34.00

YouTube Video Shower Curtain

To all my fans! I'm planning to have a shower at 5:30 this evening using my new YouTube Video Shower...

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604 $10.00

You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser

Stop press! Earlier today police swooped on ace reporter, Dirk Gonk, outside a public convenience,...

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511 $15.00

You Have Just Been Poisoned Glass

Igor? Make sure Mr Bond enjoys his final Martini!   Now, remember! Use the You Have Just Been...

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454 $12.00

WTF Stamp

The WTF Stamp is only just back in stock, after the Wild Turkey Federation bought a job lot.  It's...

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604 $38.00

Extra Large Coffee Mug

Bob Dylan’s ‘One More Cup of Coffee’ is a beautiful, evocative song that lasts less than 4...

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360 $394.00

Airplane Ceiling Fan

Cool your room with fighter-jet propulsion with this unique World War 2 Airplane Ceiling Fan. It...

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481 $157.00

Workaholics-Bear Coat

This is an exact replica of Blake's -from Workaholics-Bear Coat.  He got it at a discount and with...

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326 $33.00

Smart LED Light Bulb

Call us lazy but we love this Smart LED Light Bulb!  Not only can you turn it on and off wirelessly...

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387 $21.00

Onyx Walkie Talkies

Whatever the topic, Onyx Walkie Talkies get teams talking. No conference calling and no phoning...

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409 $15.00

Waterproof Notepad

Experts think if Shakespeare had owned a Waterproof Notepad he'd have written another 3 plays, 2...

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393 $6.00

Poo Pen

This Poo Pen is the ultimate in theft-proof writing equipment.  Who wouldn't think twice before...

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