Novelty Gifts

The widely accepted definition of a ‘novelty gift’ is a present that’s of no practical purpose, or is an amusing variation of a well known item.  And as far as Martha and JasperGonk are concerned (MG and JG are responsible for Pranks and Novelties), the sillier the better! They’re also very popular with a wide range of people, from kids to busy adults in need of a laugh, from stressed executives to village idiots.  From the ‘WTF?’ Stamp, that’s crying out to be plastered all over the latest report to the board; to the Poo Pen , the most secure pen in the world. Let’s face it - no one will steal it! So if you want maximum madness with minimal effort; to make someone smile, laugh or just ask “what the h*ll?”, swivel your eyes downwards!

358 $21.00

Retro Brick Cell Phone

I proposed to your mother on this Retro Brick Cell Phone said Diddy Dave from Rochester to his 28...

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366 $13.00

Racing Grannies

On your marks get set..... shuffle! Yes, Racing Grannies - the item everyone's has been crying...

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399 $2.00

Snail Tea Bag Holder

Public in Shell Shock over Snail Tea Bag Holder! Yes it's official - snails brew the best tea!...

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369 $65.00

Wall Mounted T Rex Head Trophy

This Wall Mounted T Rex Head Trophy has two great purposes... a) impress your mates and b)...

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366 $40.00

Banana Phone

It’s yellow and shaped like a banana so it must be a… Oh yes, this super...

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220 $24.00

Barack Obama Action Figure

This Barack Obama Action Figure proves that politics is so cruel! One minute, you're the leader...

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482 $20.00

Batman Dog Costume

This Batman Dog Costume is so realistic it could fool any Gotham City resident who isn't paying...

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478 $12.00

Water Balloon Russian Roulette

With this Water Balloon Russian Roulette at your party, you can recreate the unbearably tense scene...

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400 $13.00

Mr Sniffles Snot Nose Egg Separator

This Snot Nose Egg Separator proves it is possible to produce a product that's both super useful and...

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421 $8.00

Two Person Underwear

These Two Person Underwear are ideal for two people or four GiftGonks! In a surprising turn of...

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260 $20.00

Watermelon Tap Kit

The right way to use the Watermelon Tap Kit is to firstly cut the top off the watermelon and scoop...

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485 $2.00

Twister Bed Sheets

Twister Bed Sheets add a little more action to bedtime as they're colour coded in exactly the same...

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288 $22.00

Laser Gun Alarm Clock

Go off punk and make my day! Yes this Laser Gun Alarm Clock will not stop until you hit the target...

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507 $13.00

Testicle Bike Light

Some say you've got to have balls to ride around with these dangling from your rear end!  True, the...

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264 $33.00

Stainless Steel Drink Cooling Balls

It takes Stainless Steel Drink Cooling Balls to cool your whiskey to the perfect temperature...

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258 $53.00

Magic Wand TV Remote

Amaze your muggle friends by waving this Magic Wand TV Remote at the telly and shouting "Teevee...

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498 $7.00

Switchblade Bottle Opener

“Hey Rambo, can you open my bottle please?” Complete your all-action-hero look at barbies and...

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470 $27.00

Beer Belly Drinking Pouch

The Beer Belly Drinking Pouch lets you easily blend in with other middle-aged men but you'll be the...

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347 $13.00

Working Gameboy iPhone Case

So the company's banned texting in meetings but your girlfriend needs an urgent reply? No problem;...

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369 $8.00

Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit

This Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit is the best immersive experience made of cardboard since you were...

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1011 $87.00

Assassins Creed Hidden Blade

This Assassins Creed Hidden Blade Gauntlet has two types of fans. There are the avid collectors who...

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451 $11.00

Darth Vader Bottle Opener

"I sense something. A present I have not felt since I last needed a beer and couldn't open the...

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589 $168.00

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Probably the greatest invention since Dr Sandy Hill discovered dunes, this Gigantic Inflatable...

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474 $35.00

Shots And Ladders Board Game

The Shots And Ladders Board Game is a huge improvement on the game you played as kids. Remember how...

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572 $7.00

Mentos Amazon Dash Button

So you're down to your last pack of Mentos and you're too busy to pop to the shops! No problem! With...

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389 $9.00

Titanic Ice Cube Mold

All those hopes, those dreams, those lives lost - reduced to this a little boat-shaped ice cube....

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839 $24.00

How To Be Black Book

How To Be Black is written by a black person for any colour of other person. 'Smart', 'Hilarious',...

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355 $26.00

Horizontal Lazy Glasses

These Lazy Glasses might look a little crazy, but they solve a problem people have had since books...

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746 $12.00

LED Party Glasses

Instantly transform any social gathering into a raving Gonkfest by simply slotting these LED Party...

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407 $12.00

Mini Saxophone Pipe

Did you smoke behind the bike sheds instead of going to music lessons? Well, now you can put all...

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338 $49.00

Thor Hammer Night Light

"Jeepers Jason, What've you done" “But Mom it’s not.. ” "Get downstairs! “But Mom its just"...

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824 $6.00

Humping USB Dog

Sheldon, our Geek Gonk was on the phone, excited about his latest find - the Humping USB Dog!...

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785 $26.00

Melting Gallium Metal

Let the kids try their hand at some awesome science with this tube of 99.99% pure Gallium Metal....

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