Kitchen and Cooking

If the Food and Drink pages are about making digestion entertaining, this Kitchen and Cooking Section is full of gifts and products to help you get from tree, field or river (a.k.a supermarket shelf) to plate, in the coolest, funnest way, with more pizazz and fanfare than a May Day Parade.  You may be a regular Gordon B**** Ramsay, looking for products to dazzle your guests and show off your chopping, slashing and tossing! Or you might be buying for the the biggest kitchen disaster ever to boil an egg. Whatever level of scullery skill we’re talking, these pages are chock full of gear that might not stop you burning the toast, but will make you chortle as you’re doing it!

499 £20.00

Pumpkin Cake Mould

This Pumpkin Cake Mould is great on at least two occasions. One - it's Halloween, you hate the...

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487 £10.00

Mr Sniffles Snot Nose Egg Separator

This Snot Nose Egg Separator proves it is possible to produce a product that's both super useful and...

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581 £84.00

Vinyl Record Dinner Placemats

Our resident DJ, Dr Gonk loves these Vinyl Record Dinner Placemats “They remind me of ma...

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571 £5.00

Switchblade Bottle Opener

“Hey Rambo, can you open my bottle please?” Complete your all-action-hero look at barbies and...

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478 £40.00

Death Star Popcorn Maker

It's a little known fact that the real Death Star was based on the Death Star Popcorn Maker.  Old...

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511 £8.00

Darth Vader Bottle Opener

"I sense something. A present I have not felt since I last needed a beer and couldn't open the...

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473 £35.00

Chemistry Spice Rack

If you thought all that Bunsen burning in the school lab was a waste of time, think again.  This...

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633 £5.00

Mentos Amazon Dash Button

So you're down to your last pack of Mentos and you're too busy to pop to the shops! No problem! With...

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438 £7.00

Titanic Ice Cube Mold

All those hopes, those dreams, those lives lost - reduced to this a little boat-shaped ice cube....

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389 £7.00

Potato Chip Bag Resealer

With the Potato Chip Bag Resealer you can avoid what readers voted the second most disappointing...

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495 £8.00

Sunny Side Up Egg Mold

Get your biorhythms off to a super bright start in the morning with this dish-washable Sunny Side Up...

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501 £11.00

Sumo Egg Cups

Where do Sumo wrestlers keep their eggs? Apparently in their mega thongs, as proven by these Sumo...

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485 £16.00

Lightweight Throwing Hatchet

We like to seek out new and interesting products for humans, even if they frighten the Heebie...

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324 £1.00

USB Paper Towel Holder

According to Dr BillyGonk's theory, this neat little unit heats up your paper towels!  Nice idea,...

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321 £6.00

Skull Sugar Spoon

Until now we'd have said a spoon with holes in it is as useful as a chocolate teapot! But make no...

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600 £8.00

Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machine

My old Gran would have loved this Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machine.  She used to say that if you...

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304 £23.00

Death Star Tea Infuser

Can the Death Star Tea Infuser make up for wreaking death and destruction across the galaxy just by...

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553 £40.00

Planet Plates

Eat your breakfast on Uranus or your nachos on Neptune with these watercolour Planet Plates. This...

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375 £7.00

Edible Candy Cane Spoons

The Edible Candy Cane Spoons make little Billy’s dream day: “So its my mate Jack’s sixth...

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536 £9.00

Cunt Mug

The Cunt Mug is another naughty mug that slipped through the net.  TiffanyGonk thinks it stands for...

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527 £4.00

Daily Bread Jesus Toaster

And the Lord spake and said "Let there be toast, and lo, go forth and eat the toast which I...

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355 £16.00

Cork Board Map

If you like travelling, showing off to your friends and sticking pins in things - why not plaster...

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386 £6.00

Pineapple Slicer

Is your pineapple slicing below par? Are your lovely fruit salads ruined by chewy bits of bark? Do...

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370 £12.00

Pen Cap Eating Utensils

Ever since Police Sergeant Harris got these Pen Cap Eating Utensils he’s started losing the plot....

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318 £16.00

Death Star Cutting Board

Never mind the Force Luke, use the bl**dy Death Star Cutting Board!  Otherwise you'll make a right...

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303 £4.00

Pizza Scissors Spatula

The wonderful Pizza Scissors Spatula is an ingenious way to cut and serve your favourite Italian...

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673 £125.00

Pizza Box Oven

If you love making healthy salads at home then this Pizza Box Oven is for you!! Oh yes, because...

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835 £55.00

Master Pan

GeraldineGonk recommends The Master Pan but clearly doesn’t quite get it “It’s 5 pans in...

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449 £62.00

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Spock loves to dabble in the Enterprise kitchen and this Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt is the secret to...

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349 £14.00

Talking Remote Meat Thermometer

Friends all otherwise engaged? At a loose end?  You're never alone with this Talking Remote Meat...

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457 £59.00

Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

This Zombie Wine Bottle Holder takes his job very seriously.  He'll hold your bottle but won't glug...

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359 £13.00

Zombie Head Decanter

Zombie Head Decanter reveals Derek's cunning! Derek's parents told him to stop filling his head with...

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305 £17.00

Zombie Hand Ice Mold

This Zombie Hand Ice Mold puts some poor guy's missing limb to very good use.  It's made to stay...

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