Home and Household

“Look at the state of this house!” Seven words that strike fear into any man’s heart.  If your other half returns home after a hard days work, to find you slouched on the couch eating pizza and playing FIFA 2018, then you’re probably beyond help.  But if the next 23 words you’d like to hear are “Oh Darling it’s wonderful! You’re so much more thoughtful than all your loser friends; let me show you how much I appreciate you!” then you need to look no further than our collection of products and gifts that could transform your home into a classy palace, lovenest, funpad, even sexy man-cave or Nerdoshpere for two!  There’s something here for every type of home whether you’re after unique, different, funny, entertaining and even practical. In fact we’ve got everything ‘home’ except hum drum!

370 £20.00

Retro Corded iPhone Handset

Handset frying your brain? Can’t remember your own name? Take a first step on the road to recovery...

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315 £192.00

Ultra HD Pocket Projector

Wherever you wonder, with this mini Ultra HD Pocket Projector, you can now project HD movies,...

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335 £40.00

Smart Wireless Baby Monitor

"Go back to sleep, human baby thing.." Yes, this Smart Wireless Baby Monitor is where baby-sitting...

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268 £21.00

Solar Powered Light Up Bricks

Transform your pathway or patio area into a magical night-time wonderland with these Solar Powered...

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301 £8.00

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Forget heavy, clunky battery chargers that come in either small generator or nuclear power-plant...

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401 £50.00

Wall Mounted T Rex Head Trophy

This Wall Mounted T Rex Head Trophy has two great purposes... a) impress your mates and b)...

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222 £69.00

Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

Harness the power of our nearest star and you can tap away all day with this Solar Powered Wireless...

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531 £84.00

Vinyl Record Dinner Placemats

Our resident DJ, Dr Gonk loves these Vinyl Record Dinner Placemats “They remind me of ma...

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514 £1.00

Twister Bed Sheets

Twister Bed Sheets add a little more action to bedtime as they're colour coded in exactly the same...

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305 £17.00

Laser Gun Alarm Clock

Go off punk and make my day! Yes this Laser Gun Alarm Clock will not stop until you hit the target...

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264 £41.00

Tabletop Fireplace

TiffanyGonk loves the Tabletop Fireplace, “It’s a warm fireplace and super stylish lounge decor...

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356 £13.00

Super Strong Moldable Glue

This amazing Super Strong Moldable Glue defies all the laws of, well, glue! It doesn't stick your...

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325 £35.00

Super Mario Wall Stickers

These Super Mario Wall Stickers could save your parents' sanity! You could turn your bedroom into...

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360 £32.00

Super Mario Motion Sensor Boo Lamp

This Super Mario Motion Sensor Boo Lamp works exactly like in the game. Just as the real Boos try...

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331 £290.00

Home Lie Detector Test

This Home Lie Detector Test will help solve puzzling home-based mysteries! Who took the last piece...

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278 £41.00

Magic Wand TV Remote

Amaze your muggle friends by waving this Magic Wand TV Remote at the telly and shouting "Teevee...

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325 £81.00

Under Desk Foot Rest Hammock

You might think that someone considering an Under Desk Foot Rest Hammock has a little too much time...

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383 £460.00

Cordless Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Careful what you wish for….!  “I bought my dad a Robotic Lawn Mower last year.” writes Laura...

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555 £10.00

Water Leak Detector Alarm

This Water Leak Detector Alarm detects baby water leaks before they have chance to become the daddy...

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731 £65.00

3D Three Dimensional Chess Board

Brain the size of a planet? Bored with chess for mere mortals? This brushed Aluminium and Lucite 3D...

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375 £39.00

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

This One Way Mirror Bird Feeder is like going on a blind date round at Hannibal Lecter's house, for...

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594 £5.00

Mentos Amazon Dash Button

So you're down to your last pack of Mentos and you're too busy to pop to the shops! No problem! With...

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392 £8.00

Hand Leaf Grabs

These Hand Leaf Grabs are Winner of Daily Gonk's Gardening Section 'Best invention for people who...

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360 £7.00

Potato Chip Bag Resealer

With the Potato Chip Bag Resealer you can avoid what readers voted the second most disappointing...

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354 £38.00

Thor Hammer Night Light

"Jeepers Jason, What've you done" “But Mom it’s not.. ” "Get downstairs! “But Mom its just"...

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276 £10.00

Not You Again Doormat

Send a message to visitors with the Not You Again Doormat! This non-skid and durable doormat is not...

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390 £39.00

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

"For God's sake Scotty, let me in!" This Star Trek Electronic Door Chime alerts you when someone...

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348 £14.00

Magnetic Light Switch Cover

Short-sighted, absent-minded Professor HilaryGonk was forever losing her keys until we bought her...

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410 £20.00

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head

'Singin' in the Rain' or James Taylor's 'Shower the People'? This Bluetooth Speaker Shower...

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511 £172.00

Totoro Cat Bed

We're not sure whether Totoro is a cat, rabbit, bear, cross-breed, rare-breed but we do know...

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309 £13.00

Floating Bookshelves

Invented by the great magician GonzoGonk, these Floating Bookshelves make your books appear to hover...

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247 £80.00

Portable Briefcase Turntable

Every meeting needs an ice breaker and this Portable Briefcase Turntable has to be No.1 on any...

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790 £257.00

Iron Man Floating Toy Figure

We know Iron Man isn’t supposed to be cute, but look at this little Iron Man Floating Toy guy,...

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