Gifts for Toddlers

Buying Gifts for Toddlers is a breeze!  Let’s face it – they’re clueless.  They wouldn’t know a $40k Rolex from a cardboard box!  So what you’re looking for in any gift for little girls and boys is something to make your life easier, happier and funnier.  Below you’ll find great gift ideas for kids of 2 to 4 years old that won’t cost the earth, but will keep them (and you sometimes) amused and entertained for hours. Dress them up in ludicrous costumes, educate them without them knowing, amaze them with cheap but amazing birthday gifts they never even knew they wanted.  Toddlers really are a gift for gift buyers!

91 $51.00

Smart Wireless Baby Monitor

"Go back to sleep, human baby thing.." Yes, this Smart Wireless Baby Monitor is where baby-sitting...

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104 $4.00

Two Front Teeth Baby Dummy

With the Two Front Teeth Baby Dummy you can get your own back for the sleepless nights, the dirty...

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69 $22.00

Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack

Using this Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack you can disguise yourself as a Koopa Troopa ( one of...

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148 $50.00

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

This One Way Mirror Bird Feeder is like going on a blind date round at Hannibal Lecter's house, for...

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131 $12.00

Hover Soccer Ball Disk

Hockey puck not big enough? Soccer ball just too round? Wanna play outside or in, without smashing...

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203 $217.00

Totoro Cat Bed

We're not sure whether Totoro is a cat, rabbit, bear, cross-breed, rare-breed but we do know...

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145 $14.00

Sumo Egg Cups

Where do Sumo wrestlers keep their eggs? Apparently in their mega thongs, as proven by these Sumo...

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275 $26.00

Beer Bottle Baby Bottle

Give your little ones a great start with this food grade Lil' Lager Beer Bottle Baby Bottle and they...

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128 $239.00

Inflatable Basketball Court

Pump pump play! With the Slama Jama Inflatable Basketball Court, two minutes is all it takes to...

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101 $16.00

Kids Shockproof iPad Case

"Mum I've dropped my iPad" The words that send a cold chill down the spine of every hard-working...

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192 $119.00

Nerf N Strike Blaster

Nothing makes your enemies hit the turf faster than a well-handled burst from your Nerf N Strike...

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220 $19.00

Pac Man Ghost Lamp

Reporting from Detroit on the her extensive testing of the Pac Man Ghost Lamp, 4 year old Charlotte...

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168 $252.00

Cozmo The Educational Toy Robot

Cozmo The Educational Toy Robot is entertainer, sidekick and playmate in one. He gets to know your...

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217 $17.00

Creepy Coin Eating Bank

“It’s bad to speak to strangers but its good to give money to creeps?"  With the Creepy Coin...

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130 $50.00

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

In a recent Daily Gonk survey, 40% of people said they preferred soggy cereal while 60% said it...

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111 $9.00

Money Maze Puzzle Box

This Money Maze Puzzle Box is great if you're serious about saving.  Because once it's in, you've...

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131 $70.00

Pizza Beanbag

Hug that ham and squeeze that cheese!  This fat and comfortable Pizza Beanbag is justa lika mama...

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133 $16.00

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Your Baby Einstein can't start too early!  And now with these Periodic Table Building Blocks they...

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188 $70.00

Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boat

Rule the pool with The Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boat.  It's every super-villains dream...

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88 $358.00

The Simpsons House Lego Set

Homer, Marge, Bart and the rest look well at home on The Simpsons House Lego Set. An exact replica...

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624 $75.00

Star Wars Chewbacca Backpack

If Chewie can protect Hans Solo with all his antics, he can sure handle your sandwiches and...

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137 $57.00

Doggy Toothpaste Cap

Getting kids to clean their teeth is usually such a chore and no amount of parent persuasion will...

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92 $12.00

Chalkboard Wall Paint

This durable Chalkboard Wall Paint will transform any wall into a massive space for  kids to mess...

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106 $16.00

Candy Lego Bricks

Busy Builders! You know what it’s like - so busy working, you forget to eat. Now you can eat your...

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81 $87.00

Privacy Bed Tent

Unlike GiftGonks, some little humans have trouble getting to sleep.  This Privacy Bed Tent for beds...

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328 $810.00

Tree Bookshelf

"We love this Tree Bookshelf " says Little Trinny Gonk "It makes us want to tidy up our books!" ...

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101 $6.00

iCrayon Stylus Pen

Remember the good times with the iCrayon Stylus Pen! Do you long for the days when a busy diary was...

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166 $100.00

LEGO Digital Camera

This 3 Megapixels LEGO Digital Camera is a great way for kids to begin taking photos - and it's so...

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230 $32.00

Minecraft Iron Golem Lego

Mad for Minecraft? Loopy about Lego? Then you’ll go crazy for the Minecraft Iron Golem Lego pack...

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119 $24.00

Mushroom Lamp

Little TrinnieGonk tested this Mushroom Lamp out and loved it… She fell asleep in under 5 minutes...

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1051 $55.00

Baby Shark Costume

The Baby Shark Costume is, as far as we know, the only shark in the natural world that according to...

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468 $22.00

Baby Crib Dribbler

We love this Baby Crib Dribbler!  But before you ring social services -  it's a prank!  The idea...

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112 $8.00

Bubble Wrap Fidget Toy

We love this Bubble Wrap Fidget Toy because we may be little oddballs, but we think there’s...

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