Gifts for Kids

Trying to find gifts for kids?  One where they say “Wow!” not “Duh, gee er….” Whether it’s for your son, daughter, sister, brother or the kid next door who keeps kicking the ball on your lawn – you'll find it here!  We’ve got everything from fun toys to educational games, cool or crazy puzzles to outdoor play equipment.  So many great presents for kids of all ages - because these days, a stick and some string just doesn’t cut it!

392 £171.00

Remote App Controlled Spy Tank

Of course you wouldn’t use this Remote App Controlled Spy Tank to see what your mates are up to...

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499 £20.00

Pumpkin Cake Mould

This Pumpkin Cake Mould is great on at least two occasions. One - it's Halloween, you hate the...

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354 £67.00

EzyRoller Classic Ride On Kart

It’s not a bike! It’s not a scooter. The EzyRoller Classic is a cross between a kart and a...

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438 £10.00

Racing Grannies

On your marks get set..... shuffle! Yes, Racing Grannies - the item everyone's has been crying...

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348 £192.00

Ultra HD Pocket Projector

Wherever you wonder, with this mini Ultra HD Pocket Projector, you can now project HD movies,...

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445 £31.00

Banana Phone

It’s yellow and shaped like a banana so it must be a… Oh yes, this super...

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258 £18.00

Barack Obama Action Figure

This Barack Obama Action Figure proves that politics is so cruel! One minute, you're the leader...

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384 £17.00

Snowball Crossbow Launcher

According to legend the Snowball Crossbow was first used by marksman William Tell to practice before...

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312 £25.00

Vintage Style Snow Cone Cart

According to our Science Correspondent this Vintage Style Snow Cone Cart really bucks the trend....

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334 £17.00

Laser Gun Alarm Clock

Go off punk and make my day! Yes this Laser Gun Alarm Clock will not stop until you hit the target...

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352 £35.00

Super Mario Wall Stickers

These Super Mario Wall Stickers could save your parents' sanity! You could turn your bedroom into...

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389 £17.00

Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack

Using this Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack you can disguise yourself as a Koopa Troopa ( one of...

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380 £49.00

Super Mario Bros. Monopoly

This Super Mario Bros. Monopoly is an 8-bit styled version of the classic board game Monopoly and a...

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283 £28.00

Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack

The Super Mario Bros Reversible Backpack solves an age old problem for you and Super Mario. He's...

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393 £32.00

Super Mario Motion Sensor Boo Lamp

This Super Mario Motion Sensor Boo Lamp works exactly like in the game. Just as the real Boos try...

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308 £41.00

Magic Wand TV Remote

Amaze your muggle friends by waving this Magic Wand TV Remote at the telly and shouting "Teevee...

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294 £45.00

Nintendo Classic Mini Console

Rediscover the joy of retro gaming with over 30 pre-installed epic NES games on the Nintendo Classic...

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374 £399.00

Portable Multiplatform Gaming Console

Gaming geeks! Avoid speaking to, or meeting eyes with, any other human at a moments notice with...

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300 £41.00

Flavoured Worm Snacks

It’s protein Captain but not as we know it! These Flavoured Worm Snacks are one of the favourite...

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273 £105.00

Star Wars On Ear Headphones

Help me Obe Wan Kenobi – I need a new pair of bins! These super-cool ‘First Edition’ Star Wars...

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478 £40.00

Death Star Popcorn Maker

It's a little known fact that the real Death Star was based on the Death Star Popcorn Maker.  Old...

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416 £6.00

Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit

This Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit is the best immersive experience made of cardboard since you were...

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401 £39.00

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

This One Way Mirror Bird Feeder is like going on a blind date round at Hannibal Lecter's house, for...

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448 £75.00

Floating Golf Green Pool Game

Golfers the world over know that it’s the short game that leads to lower scores and water hazards...

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462 £47.00

Watermelon Swimming Pool Ball

Looks more tasty than a football; easier to kick than a watermelon. This Watermelon Swimming Pool...

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659 £130.00

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Probably the greatest invention since Dr Sandy Hill discovered dunes, this Gigantic Inflatable...

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394 £9.00

Hover Soccer Ball Disk

Hockey puck not big enough? Soccer ball just too round? Wanna play outside or in, without smashing...

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368 £55.00

Marshmallow Bow

The Marshmallow Bow is thought to be the reason Robin Hood’s men were so Merry. They used all that...

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811 £9.00

LED Party Glasses

Instantly transform any social gathering into a raving Gonkfest by simply slotting these LED Party...

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674 £122.00

Skyrunner Jumping Stilts

Running late, car won’t start, bike’s got a puncture – no problem! Just slip on your Skyrunner...

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381 £38.00

Thor Hammer Night Light

"Jeepers Jason, What've you done" “But Mom it’s not.. ” "Get downstairs! “But Mom its just"...

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387 £160.00

Stair Rover Longboard

On normal terrain the Stair Rover Longboard is the equal of any board out there, but when you...

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620 £11.00

Marty McFly Hat

Future, past, or present - immunise yourself against fashion fads and trends with this Marty McFly...

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