Gifts for Babies

Buying gifts for babies is a no brainer.  Because babies are apprentice toddlers and they’ve got even less idea than their older mates – which leaves you freedom to pull a fast one!  Of course, you could buy them nothing at all - they’d never know, but where’s the fun in that?  We’ve got cute gifts, unusual gifts and even interesting practical gifts for your little one.  But the best sellers always seem to be those that make your poor little offspring look like a right idiot.  Dress them in a Baby Shark Costume, get them mopping the floor in their Onesie, or how about a Yoda Beanie.  As long as it makes the rest of the family laugh  - they’re fair game.  But the hour of reckoning will come – one day they’ll transform into a ……teenager!!

376 $53.00

Smart Wireless Baby Monitor

"Go back to sleep, human baby thing.." Yes, this Smart Wireless Baby Monitor is where baby-sitting...

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571 $4.00

Two Front Teeth Baby Dummy

With the Two Front Teeth Baby Dummy you can get your own back for the sleepless nights, the dirty...

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401 $51.00

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

This One Way Mirror Bird Feeder is like going on a blind date round at Hannibal Lecter's house, for...

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1099 $27.00

Beer Bottle Baby Bottle

Give your little ones a great start with this food grade Lil' Lager Beer Bottle Baby Bottle and they...

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540 $20.00

Pac Man Ghost Lamp

Reporting from Detroit on the her extensive testing of the Pac Man Ghost Lamp, 4 year old Charlotte...

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360 $394.00

Airplane Ceiling Fan

Cool your room with fighter-jet propulsion with this unique World War 2 Airplane Ceiling Fan. It...

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396 $45.00

Full Body Pillow

The Full Body Pillow is just perfect for pregnant women and others who like top class comfort.  We...

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281 $12.00

Chalkboard Wall Paint

This durable Chalkboard Wall Paint will transform any wall into a massive space for  kids to mess...

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629 $839.00

Tree Bookshelf

"We love this Tree Bookshelf " says Little Trinny Gonk "It makes us want to tidy up our books!" ...

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2478 $56.00

Baby Shark Costume

The Baby Shark Costume is, as far as we know, the only shark in the natural world that according to...

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958 $23.00

Baby Crib Dribbler

We love this Baby Crib Dribbler!  But before you ring social services -  it's a prank!  The idea...

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275 $33.00

Light Up Pillow

Get all 'hypno-techno-groovy' with this ultra soft Light Up Pillow. It changes colours like a disco...

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336 $40.00

Baby Carrying Jacket

This Baby Carrying Jacket is great for tiny actors!  This little guy is working on his part in the...

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472 $51.00

Manly Diaper Bag

For ‘new men’ with new babies! Every ‘fresh out of the blocks’ dad needs the Lillian Rose...

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1019 $20.00

Baby Yoda Beanie

“So, a fool you want to look? Then the Baby Yoda Beanie for you is! ” Course you’re too young...

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678 $46.00

Baby Mop Onesie

Mums! You know how hectic it is in those first 18 months. Now, with this Baby Mop Onesie, you can at...

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