Gear and Gadgets

Guide your goggles over this gargantuan gift-fest of gear, gizmos and gadgets.  From essential go-gadgets like the Fast Charge USB Travel Adaptor to the Trench Hawk Trainer for the Bruce Lee tough guy type. Then there's gear like the Long Range Directional Microphone Spy Kit for the little nerdy introvert to the iPhone Speaker Amplifier Stand for the kindly extrovert who wants to share his musical taste with a grateful world.  It’s all here - from gadgets you can’t live without, to gizmos you’re never going to need, and amazing gear you never knew you wanted!

358 £16.00

Retro Brick Cell Phone

I proposed to your mother on this Retro Brick Cell Phone said Diddy Dave from Rochester to his 28...

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339 £300.00

Remote Control Submarine Camera

This Remote Control Submarine Camera lets you explore the depths without getting your ‘tootsies’...

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341 £20.00

Retro Corded iPhone Handset

Handset frying your brain? Can’t remember your own name? Take a first step on the road to recovery...

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334 £232.00

Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag

This Sea to Summit Ultra Portable Sleeping Bag is great for backpackers, cyclists and trekkers and...

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287 £192.00

Ultra HD Pocket Projector

Wherever you wonder, with this mini Ultra HD Pocket Projector, you can now project HD movies,...

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318 £40.00

Smart Wireless Baby Monitor

"Go back to sleep, human baby thing.." Yes, this Smart Wireless Baby Monitor is where baby-sitting...

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286 £8.00

USB Rechargeable Batteries

Forget heavy, clunky battery chargers that come in either small generator or nuclear power-plant...

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465 £1,099.00

Offroad Motorised Cooler

Be first on the party list when you're the proud owner of the 48-litre capacity Offroad Motorised...

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366 £31.00

Banana Phone

It’s yellow and shaped like a banana so it must be a… Oh yes, this super...

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320 £82.00

Military Style Tactical Vest

This Military Style Tactical Vest is great for storing rounds of ammo, knives, guns and any other...

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206 £69.00

Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

Harness the power of our nearest star and you can tap away all day with this Solar Powered Wireless...

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311 £19.00

Water Purifying Straw

This Water Purifying Straw from LifeStraw is an amazing little tool that can save lives! It's...

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315 £290.00

Home Lie Detector Test

This Home Lie Detector Test will help solve puzzling home-based mysteries! Who took the last piece...

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498 £5.00

Switchblade Bottle Opener

“Hey Rambo, can you open my bottle please?” Complete your all-action-hero look at barbies and...

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308 £10.00

Beer Tracker Bottle Opener

The Beer Tracker Bottle Opener will keep counting your alcohol intake even when you're too far gone...

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384 £6.00

USB Mug Warmer

If you're too busy tapping away on your machine to reheat your coffee then the USB Mug Warmer is...

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357 £460.00

Cordless Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Careful what you wish for….!  “I bought my dad a Robotic Lawn Mower last year.” writes Laura...

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231 £105.00

Star Wars On Ear Headphones

Help me Obe Wan Kenobi – I need a new pair of bins! These super-cool ‘First Edition’ Star Wars...

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369 £6.00

Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit

This Virtual Reality Cardboard Kit is the best immersive experience made of cardboard since you were...

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1011 £67.00

Assassins Creed Hidden Blade

This Assassins Creed Hidden Blade Gauntlet has two types of fans. There are the avid collectors who...

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337 £120.00

Solar Powered Charging Hat

Mobile battery running low? Use your head! By wearing this Solsol Solar Powered Charging Hat you can...

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451 £8.00

Darth Vader Bottle Opener

"I sense something. A present I have not felt since I last needed a beer and couldn't open the...

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414 £600.00

Rechargeable Battery Powered Underwater Scooter

Keep up with your favourite marine life for up to 1.5 hours with this Rechargeable Battery Powered...

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572 £5.00

Mentos Amazon Dash Button

So you're down to your last pack of Mentos and you're too busy to pop to the shops! No problem! With...

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355 £20.00

Horizontal Lazy Glasses

These Lazy Glasses might look a little crazy, but they solve a problem people have had since books...

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286 £10.00

No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

Such an expanded view you can almost see the future! This super convex ' No Blind Spot Rear View...

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601 £122.00

Skyrunner Jumping Stilts

Running late, car won’t start, bike’s got a puncture – no problem! Just slip on your Skyrunner...

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407 £9.00

Mini Saxophone Pipe

Did you smoke behind the bike sheds instead of going to music lessons? Well, now you can put all...

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340 £7.00

Potato Chip Bag Resealer

With the Potato Chip Bag Resealer you can avoid what readers voted the second most disappointing...

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346 £160.00

Stair Rover Longboard

On normal terrain the Stair Rover Longboard is the equal of any board out there, but when you...

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303 £30.00

Higgs Boson Particle Watch

We thought it would be quite apt to ask Prof Hilary Gonk to introduce this Higgs Boson Particle...

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326 £14.00

Magnetic Light Switch Cover

Short-sighted, absent-minded Professor HilaryGonk was forever losing her keys until we bought her...

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393 £20.00

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head

'Singin' in the Rain' or James Taylor's 'Shower the People'? This Bluetooth Speaker Shower...

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