Clothing? We know what you’re thinking!  They’re small, fat and hairy; what the hell do they know about fashion, couture, style. Boy how wrrrrong can you be!  Due to the fact that nothing fits us and nothing looks good on us, we are free to be totally objective on your behalf.  We can’t be bribed by the large fashion houses in exchange for some knocked down gear. We’re not tied to one clothing brand and we’re not victims of the latest trends.  Totally independent ….that’s what we are - yes sirrreee! And it’s our job to provide you with the coolest, funnest, most unique clothes, shoes, general body wear and accessories on the planet……..

373 £82.00

Military Style Tactical Vest

This Military Style Tactical Vest is great for storing rounds of ammo, knives, guns and any other...

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491 £6.00

Two Person Underwear

These Two Person Underwear are ideal for two people or four GiftGonks! In a surprising turn of...

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285 £11.00

Bacon Chemistry T Shirt

Scientists now agree that a daily dose of Bacon can make you feel great! And this Bacon Chemistry T...

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378 £120.00

Solar Powered Charging Hat

Mobile battery running low? Use your head! By wearing this Solsol Solar Powered Charging Hat you can...

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302 £22.00

Sad Snowman Christmas Sweater

"So I’m stood there bein' all ‘Snowmanny’, and this mutt just... well look!! Total...

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346 £30.00

Higgs Boson Particle Watch

We thought it would be quite apt to ask Prof Hilary Gonk to introduce this Higgs Boson Particle...

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620 £11.00

Marty McFly Hat

Future, past, or present - immunise yourself against fashion fads and trends with this Marty McFly...

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253 £9.00

I Listen To Bands T Shirt

Proclaim your leading edge-iness on the music culture scene, with this super cool 100% cotton I...

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428 £5.00

Shark Eating Leg Socks

So realistic, so scary, so unfortunate! With these Shark Eating Leg Socks, you simply roll up your...

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497 £26.00

Ski Mask Beard

Downhill Racer meets Grizzly Adams! Transform yourself instantly into Man of the Mountains with this...

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408 £22.00

Bottle Opening Flip Flops

These Reef Bottle Opening Flip Flops are perfect for parties, barbies and when someone thrusts a...

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864 £51.00

Breaking Bad Yellow Overalls

These Breaking Bad Yellow Overalls are great for all your filthy chores.  Cleaning the drains might...

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568 £10.00

Exposed Muscles Leggings

Whoever said, "It's not how you look, it's what's inside that matters" has clearly never seen these...

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606 £5.00

Archie McPhee Emergency Underpants

Do you have a leaky valve? Problems in the basement? Urgent system malfunction? If emergency...

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1291 £20.00

The One Ring Lord of the Rings Replica

"The One Ring to rule them all.  One ring to ....."   yeah whatever!  There IS only one so hurry...

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484 £7.00

Caped Superhero Socks

Just like Clark Kent you can't deny who and what you are!  But, like him, you need to keep your...

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344 £32.00

Non Flammable T Shirt

How many times have you set fire to yourself, only to say “Jeeze I wish I had a Non Flammable T...

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676 £17.00

Pet Hoodie

Does the neighbour's Tom bully your kitty? Does your mutt lack confidence? Redress the situation by...

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353 £16.00

Zombie Slippers

Where better to keep your feet warm than inside a couple of rotting heads. These Zombie Slippers are...

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402 £24.00

Zombie Horse Mask

A former winner of the Kentucky Derby, Old Lucky has hit hard times since contracting the virus. ...

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524 £26.00

Zombie Feet

These Zombie Feet prove it - granny was right about the damage ill-fitting zombie shoes can do. ...

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458 £9.00

Zombie Bikini

TiffanyGonk reckons girls will look drop dead gorgeous in this Zombie Bikini!  "The top is a pair...

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481 £120.00

Workaholics-Bear Coat

This is an exact replica of Blake's -from Workaholics-Bear Coat.  He got it at a discount and with...

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851 £19.00

Wine Bra

The Wine Bra pays for itself after just a couple of nights out!  Simply fill up your cups with your...

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423 £1.00

Webbed Fingers Swimming Gloves

Most people would buy these Webbed Fingers Swimming Gloves to help speed them through the water. ...

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487 £122.00

Wearable Sleeping Bag

Has anyone ever had a decent night's sleep in a standard sleeping bag? Overheating, twisting,...

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293 £39.00

Animated Fireplace Christmas Sweater

Matt from Breckenridge reckons that since his mate Dave got this Animated Fireplace Christmas...

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525 £15.00

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops

You can throw a massive beach party on a mini budget with just these Follow Me Bring Beer Flip...

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418 £7.00

Dust Mopping Slippers

Shine your floors while you do other chores! Yes your household efficiency will rocket when you slip...

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555 £10.00

Leopard Paw Slippers

We'd like to make one thing clear at the outset.  No creature has suffered to make these amazing...

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324 £5.00

Festival Disposable Shoe Covers

The designer of these Festival Disposable Shoe Covers knows everybody loves a festival, but that...

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435 £12.00

Glass Is Always Full T Shirt

Researchers say optimists live longer than pessimists.  So c’mon, slip this technically...

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333 £5.00

Eggs Are Sides For Bacon T Shirt

Everyone knows exercise is good for you. But until now, no one realised the large part bacon played...

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