Merry Christmas everyone! Well ok, it's only August but getting your Christmas gifts early saves all the scrummaging around at the last minute, not to mention the whacking bill. We have some fantastic, unique Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to get that classic present unwrapping response. “Oh you shouldn't have. No, you really shouldn’t have.” Or just occasionally “ That is the best Bl***y Christmas present I’ve ever F***ing had” From a Zombie Sleeping Mask for granny to Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boats for your baby bruv.   A Full Body Pillow for Mommy to a nice Christmas Story Leg Lamp for Dad. We’ve got presents capable of delighting, amazing, surprising and shocking. Just make sure you get your labelling right or you could end up like the Turkey!

357 $226.00

Remote App Controlled Spy Tank

Of course you wouldn’t use this Remote App Controlled Spy Tank to see what your mates are up to...

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344 $23.00

Snowball Crossbow Launcher

According to legend the Snowball Crossbow was first used by marksman William Tell to practice before...

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352 $23.00

Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack

Using this Super Mario Turtle Shell Backpack you can disguise yourself as a Koopa Troopa ( one of...

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343 $65.00

Super Mario Bros. Monopoly

This Super Mario Bros. Monopoly is an 8-bit styled version of the classic board game Monopoly and a...

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279 $33.00

Stainless Steel Drink Cooling Balls

It takes Stainless Steel Drink Cooling Balls to cool your whiskey to the perfect temperature...

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278 $54.00

Magic Wand TV Remote

Amaze your muggle friends by waving this Magic Wand TV Remote at the telly and shouting "Teevee...

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246 $139.00

Star Wars On Ear Headphones

Help me Obe Wan Kenobi – I need a new pair of bins! These super-cool ‘First Edition’ Star Wars...

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274 $29.00

Sad Snowman Christmas Sweater

"So I’m stood there bein' all ‘Snowmanny’, and this mutt just... well look!! Total...

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426 $73.00

Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boat

Rule the pool with The Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boat.  It's every super-villains dream...

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379 $374.00

The Simpsons House Lego Set

Homer, Marge, Bart and the rest look well at home on The Simpsons House Lego Set. An exact replica...

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467 $64.00

Star Wars Yoda Christmas Lights

The Star Wars Yoda Christmas Lights are a lesson to us all!  After one hundred years of training...

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787 $72.00

Master Pan

GeraldineGonk recommends The Master Pan but clearly doesn’t quite get it “It’s 5 pans in...

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1020 $78.00

Star Wars Chewbacca Backpack

If Chewie can protect Hans Solo with all his antics, he can sure handle your sandwiches and...

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424 $82.00

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Spock loves to dabble in the Enterprise kitchen and this Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt is the secret to...

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437 $24.00


Are you dead bored with your board games?  Then Zombie-Opoly is the undead board game for you! ...

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430 $78.00

Zombie Wine Bottle Holder

This Zombie Wine Bottle Holder takes his job very seriously.  He'll hold your bottle but won't glug...

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404 $8.00

Zombie Sleeping Mask

Scare your loved ones to death as you sleep on peacefully, wearing this one size fits all Zombie...

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738 $112.00

Zombie Garden Sculpture

Shock horror! The Zombie Garden Sculpture IS Uncle Reg! Uncle Reg always loved his garden, so it was...

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251 $66.00

Zombie Back Scratcher

This Zombie Back Scratcher is made from genuine zombie body parts.  Some undead loser has his arm...

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429 $3.00

Zipper Bookmarks

Never lose your page again!  Zip right back to where you left off with this set of colourful Zipper...

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462 $2.00

Power Plant Alarm Clock

Whats the Thyme?  It must be at least ten Parsley hour.  Yes with this Power Plant Alarm Clock the...

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512 $35.00

YouTube Video Shower Curtain

To all my fans! I'm planning to have a shower at 5:30 this evening using my new YouTube Video Shower...

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571 $10.00

You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitiser

Stop press! Earlier today police swooped on ace reporter, Dirk Gonk, outside a public convenience,...

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487 $15.00

You Have Just Been Poisoned Glass

Igor? Make sure Mr Bond enjoys his final Martini!   Now, remember! Use the You Have Just Been...

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250 $20.00

Traveller's World Scratch Map

With this Traveller's World Scratch Map you can literally mark off everywhere you ever been! Well,...

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2019 $43.00

Jenga Drinking Game

This Jenga Drinking Game is an alcoholic twist on the original wooden block stacking game.  This...

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259 $8.00

Wine Monkey Bottle Caddy

The Wine Monkey Bottle Caddy does several things at once. The all-over snug fit protects most bottle...

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297 $33.00

Smart LED Light Bulb

Call us lazy but we love this Smart LED Light Bulb!  Not only can you turn it on and off wirelessly...

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336 $10.00

Star Wars Where's The Wookiee Book

Chewbacca, Han Solo's pal, is on the run! His enemies, the Evil Empire are searching the galaxy high...

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244 $52.00

Animated Fireplace Christmas Sweater

Matt from Breckenridge reckons that since his mate Dave got this Animated Fireplace Christmas...

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365 $45.00

Full Body Pillow

The Full Body Pillow is just perfect for pregnant women and others who like top class comfort.  We...

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267 $14.00

Raspberry Pi NES Case

"The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that you can use to learn programming". That's according...

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397 $37.00

Fallout monopoly

The bomb's gone off, everywhere's wrecked and your food is glowing purple.  But at least you can...

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