Welcome to the kookiest book case on the interweb.  Here you'll find unique books for kids; books for teenagers, men, women, geeks - basically any human who likes words, pictures, recipes or just colouring in!  Read on Shakespeare.....

363 £6.00

Swearing Around The World Book

This Swearing Around The World Book will let you mingle with the locals wherever you are on the...

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967 £18.00

How To Be Black Book

How To Be Black is written by a black person for any colour of other person. 'Smart', 'Hilarious',...

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334 £13.00

Floating Bookshelves

Invented by the great magician GonzoGonk, these Floating Bookshelves make your books appear to hover...

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426 £5.00

Cat Butts Coloring Book

Very high up on the 'What's taken them so long to invent this?' list, is this Cat Butts Coloring...

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324 £9.00

Crafting With Cat Hair Book

We know it sounds a teenie bit weird, but this Crafting With Cat Hair Book is really cool – odd...

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2440 £7.00

Dancing With Jesus Book

Ah yes, the Dancing With Jesus Manual. Surely, anyone who can do that with bread 'n fish has gotta...

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676 £7.00

Must Have Sex Checklist

Do you feel you waste too much time on romantic small talk?  In that case, why not present this...

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341 £1.00

Zombie Bookends

Wanted: Zombie Bookends Assistants! As an average zombie you don't have fantastic career...

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372 £7.00

Star Wars Where's The Wookiee Book

Chewbacca, Han Solo's pal, is on the run! His enemies, the Evil Empire are searching the galaxy high...

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532 £9.00

What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner by Zach Golden

Fed up of beans on toast?  Bored with bacon baps?  What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner by Zach...

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580 £8.00

Game of Thrones Colouring Book

Release the safety catch on your chest of crayons.  Draw back your colouring-in arm.  Then open...

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385 £6.00

Nutella Recipe Book

Nutella Recipe Book comes to town! The number of recipe books on the shelves is ludicroshus.  And...

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665 £8.00

Dancing With Cats Book

This Purrfect Dancing With Cats Book has cats grooving with people that think they own them!  Of...

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376 £9.00

Pat The Zombie Novel

According to its publishers this Pat The Zombie Novel is a 'cruel adult spoof'.  But on the other...

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394 £7.00

Book Safe

This Book Safe is a brilliant place to hide your valuables!  Unless, of course, your burglar is...

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311 £9.00

Selfies Photo Album

Everybody loves you - they just can't get enough!!  So what better way to show the world your...

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596 £4.00

The Zombie Survival Guide 

The Zombie Survival Guide is your passport to withstanding the hordes of undead heading your way....

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356 £9.00

101 Places To Get F*cked Up Before You Die Book

Finally, a travel book with no lame descriptions of places that the entire planet goes to! 101...

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1470 £7.00

A Practical Guide To Racism Book

This Practical Guide To Racism brilliantly exposes the utter stupidity of racism, covering all...

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324 £67.00

100 Books USB

This 100 Books USB does what my grandad would never have believed possible! One HUNDRED classic...

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458 £8.00

Boo The World's Cutest Dog

He's unbelievably squeezable and this book should come with a health warning! Introducing Boo The...

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352 £10.00

50 Shades of Bacon

Lots of bare flesh! Flashes of leg! Fancy a bit of S & M? Yes, Auntie, this great '50 Shades of...

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