Cool Pool Stuff That’s Worth Splashing Out For!

Back in the day, water based play was a case of taking your three rubber ducks to the seaside!

These days, everyone’s either got a pool, has a friend with a pool or knows a pool owner who’s out of the country. Getting wet has never been easier, but how do you avoid that ‘standing in the pool all alone wondering when to get out’ feeling.

By taking on board some of the GiftGonking suggestions below, that’s how!

Surround yourself with friends, inflatables, aqua based toys and games and you’ll never be wet and lonely again….!



Looks more tasty than a football; easier to kick than a watermelon. This Watermelon Swimming Pool Ball is what they call neutrally buoyant, so you can pass and dribble it underwater. It’s filled with both water and air, a bit like our editor, Charles Foster Gonk; but unlike him, it does react well to being kicked in the depths!





Remember – your pool parties are infamous – so make sure it’s Invitation Only…!!!
many chinese swimmers in pool
With thanks to New Scientist – 6000 Chinese in a pool 🙂




And not forgetting something for the wet T Shirt competition…….


Then of course, every home needs one or two inflatables……