10 Weird Products That Will Creep You Out!

Yes, weirdness is in the eye of the beholder but some products are so strange, some ideas so bizarre they deserve credit for new records in spookiness.  Take this lot just for starters…

Super creepy shoes with a false teeth sole! Denture wish your girlfriend had shoes like these..!

Super creepy shoes covered in false teeth

An umbilical Cord iPhone Charger, perfect for the office

creepy phone charger



Keep the cats off your prize dahlias with a Zombie Garden Sculpture!



Then there’s the Pig Mask! Great for bank jobs and stopping kids playing ball on your driveway…

A terrifying pig mask

Kids, it’s also great for coaxing money out of startled homeowners on Halloween!

This skull wash-basin might not be the last thing you want to see before climbing into bed!

Skull bathroom sink

The Japanese have done it again with this kneeling woman half body pillow – did we just write that?

japanese leg pillow

The Butter Stick – harmless , weird, unnecessary; except for butter sticklers who like their spread ultra even!

butter stick

No!….Just, NO…

baby limb coat hanger

Take these weird but funny abusive balloons to your next party. See if you get invited back!

As you get older, turn the tables on your kids with this Mega Stroller. Check it out here!

adult pram