10 Alternative Hunting Weapons

If you love the thrill of the hunt but couldn’t even harm a wasp, this list of bonkers weapons might just complete your armoury…

1. The 300 Yard Water Balloon Slingshot takes the water fight to a whole new level…

This beast is so powerful it takes three people just to operate the sling!  Simply fill up your balloon-based ammunition, load the pouch, pull back as far as you can, and release…!

300-Yard Water Balloon Slingshot6

Watch as your projectile explodes onto your poor victims up to 300 yards away. Then simply run away, hide for 2 minutes and repeat – like a true water warrior….!

300-Yard Water Balloon Slingshot 2



2. With the Air Zooka you can cause mayhem with minimal effort.

It fires a safe ball of air with laser guided accuracy.  So you can mess up hair, blow off wigs, whoosh away official papers etc.

Air Zooka5

And you can do all this and much more from over 20 feet away.  Just enough of a distance to leave your calling card and guarantee your escape…!

Air Zooka6



3. Airsoft Grenade Launcher

We asked war-gamer Bill from Arkansas what he liked about the Airsoft Grenade Launcher?

“Well firstly, it has a 6-round revolving launcher.

Secondly, it fires 40mm Airsoft grenade shells relentlessly!”

Airsoft Grenade Launcher

“Thirdly, it has two effects on the enemy  – total surrender or running home to mommy!

What’s not to love?”

woman in leather firing machine gun
With thanks to Youtube – Hot girls shooting AR-15s  🙂



4. The Alcohol Shot Gun – usually makes an entrance when humans are woo-woo; so instructions are essential…..


1) Check your hands still work.

2) pour in your favourite shot .

3) Cock trigger.

4) Aim with your good eye.

5) Blast happy juice into your friend’s grateful gaping gullet! Alcohawesome!

Alcohol Shot Gun 5



5. Bottle Cap Gun – If you’re an annoying fool at parties, this belter could take you to another level.


It uses bottle caps as ammo; so first of all you pop the cap then take a sip.  Then load, sip, aim, sip and fire over 16 feet.  Basically you then sip and repeat until you pass out, or the host throws you out!

bottle cap gun2



6. Key Shaped Knife – Perfect for times when you don’t want anyone to know you’re carrying :))


Very snea’key’ (see what we did there?)



7. Lightweight Throwing Hatchet – ok this one could definitely hurt a fly and frightens the Heebie Jeebies out of us.

Beautifully crafted though!  Put that down, ToddieG!



8. Moon Cannon Potato Gun – Blimey, potato guns have come a long way!


Back in the day, if we shot a morsel over ten feet we were overjoyed. Now, the Moon Cannon Potato Gun can fire a full potato sized, er, potato a serious distance at incredible speed.

Moon Cannon Potato Gun000

Now we know what you’re thinking.  Have they got one sack or two?



9. Mini Toothpick Crossbow – apparently invented in 1846 by Swiss dwarf Hans Neesand, to protect his cheese from predatory hamsters.

Teenie but powerful, it’s capable of launching a standard toothpick across a room with incredible accuracy.

Mini Toothpick Crossbow3

So thanks to Hans’s ingenuity you can now pick your teeth and launch the contents into nextdoor’s garden!



10. The 40 Caliber Blowgun – used by the lost tribe of the Hellawee* peoples of the Amazon.


*So named after being heard by explorers to be shouting through the foliage “We’re the Helawee? Where the hell are we?”


They used it to catch monkeys and other delicacies. Whatever floats your boat guys!  But there’s no doubt that the blowgun has maintained its status as one the coolest weapons known to man or GiftGonks…

40 Caliber Blowgun 5
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