Animals and Pets

Animals and Pets need gifts urgently! Recent research reveals that dogs began chewing bones because there was nothing else to do. Cats began destroying furniture with their claws out of sheer boredom; and hedgehogs began their ill fated games of chicken with cars when, after twenty years, not a single hog had received so much as a penny whistle from anyone! Yes, animals get bored too!  They need gifts desperately - and now there's no excuse. We've selected some of the greatest gifts for animals on the planet to show you just how far things have come in the world of pet presents, since the bone and the stick were invented. So dive in to see some hilarious, unique, and fantastic gifts that animals will love you for!

508 £15.00

Batman Dog Costume

This Batman Dog Costume is so realistic it could fool any Gotham City resident who isn't paying...

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375 £39.00

One Way Mirror Bird Feeder

This One Way Mirror Bird Feeder is like going on a blind date round at Hannibal Lecter's house, for...

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446 £70.00

Star Trek Command Chair Pet Bed

Hey doggie, with this Star Trek Command Chair Pet Bed, you could be on the bridge of the Starship...

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253 £20.00

Hands Free Dog Leash

Avoid that Fenton moment! Rather than running after your dog, why not try running with him using...

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313 £799.00

GPS Dog Collar Tracker

Tracy from Greenwich Village said “We bought a GPS Dog Collar for my grandad after he lost his...

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387 £5.00

Cat Butts Coloring Book

Very high up on the 'What's taken them so long to invent this?' list, is this Cat Butts Coloring...

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278 £40.00

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Is your pussy scared to go outside? Is next-door's big Tabby Tom a constant threat? Safe and secure,...

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295 £9.00

Crafting With Cat Hair Book

We know it sounds a teenie bit weird, but this Crafting With Cat Hair Book is really cool – odd...

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412 £17.00

Cat Scratch Turntable

What’s that Kitty? You want to be a DJ but no one will give you a slot? Well get your claws into...

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630 £17.00

Pet Hoodie

Does the neighbour's Tom bully your kitty? Does your mutt lack confidence? Redress the situation by...

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498 £175.00

Travelling Cat Backpack

This Travelling Cat Backpack has Mickey in two minds.  He's the only moggie on our team and a...

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381 £24.00

Zombie Horse Mask

A former winner of the Kentucky Derby, Old Lucky has hit hard times since contracting the virus. ...

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1522 £24.00

Werewolf Scary Dog Muzzle

Fed up of dog lovers stopping you in the street?  Or, has your pooch had enough of being the...

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374 £120.00

Cat Litter Box

This luxury Cat Litter Box is perfect for the upwardly mobile kitty. First, it was scratching around...

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319 £53.00

Wool Felted Cat Cave

This handcrafted Wool Felted Cat Cave from Nepal is an eco friendly penthouse for your kitty. The...

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345 £37.00

Dog Moustache Chew Toy

The Dog Moustache Chew Toy is several gifts in one. Firstly it allows your pooch to engage in their...

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360 £8.00

Giant Dog Tongue Chew Toy

This Giant Dog Tongue Chew Toy equals instant doggie street cred! It's true that dogs cool...

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612 £8.00

Dancing With Cats Book

This Purrfect Dancing With Cats Book has cats grooving with people that think they own them!  Of...

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671 £15.00

Mexican Dog Poncho

Turn your faithful friend into a fashion fiend with the Mexican Dog Poncho! Your dog is your pal and...

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464 £26.00

Cat Hammock

Cats are obsessed with three things.  Eating, bringing home dead things and...

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612 £32.00

Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer

Puff-N-Fluff Dog Dryer causes mayhem in Dog-town! "Feel this!" said Rex, the Great Dane offering his...

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281 £85.00

Coffee Table Aquarium

Fish need a purpose too! And this Coffee Table Aquarium delivers - whale style! Let them help you to...

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625 £23.00

Tiger Head Backpack

Wow, how lifelike is this Tiger Head Backpack? Not only are they great little rucksacks with an...

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1653 £18.00

Star Wars AT-AT Dog Costume

“And the nominees for ‘Best Dressed Dog’ (a.k.a. ‘Fool of the Month’) are….”.  Yes,...

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