About Us

Danger Round Every Corner!

We don’t know when GiftGonks first appeared on Earth but we do know it was a very long time ago. It’s thought we’ve survived at least two ice ages, which has resulted in us growing ever more hair to help protect ourselves from the sub-zero temperatures.
The GiftGonk species had many predators and very little in the way of self-defence, so it developed an intriguing way of minimising the risk of harm.

Early Gifts

Giftgonks began to scout their environment for potentially useful and valuable items, which they could offer up as highly prized alternatives for their predator. A branch of juicy berries for a monkey; a tender piece of leftover meat for a sabre-toothed tiger, lots of little handfuls of grass for a mammoth. You’re highly unlikely to eat a hairy fur-ball if it consistently brings you much tastier stuff to eat!

Perfecting our Art

And so over the millennia, this ability to truffle around, identifying and capturing items in the environment that others may find interesting, valuable, curious, or tasty, has been woven into the DNA of GiftGonks. Fast forward to today, and we see the descendants of these ancient creatures have honed their skills, harnessed the latest technology and made ‘gift-truffling’ their life’s mission.
Now, instead of trying to ensure we’re not tonight’s dinner, we GiftGonks are free to scan the world for news, ideas, gifts, products and services that we feel you would like to see, hear, buy, share or give to your friends or family.

Multi-Species Teamwork

We have also roped in a couple of other species to help us out; a young guy, Matty who does our bidding on the technology side; a ‘slightly’ older (yeah right!) bloke, Marky who helps out with products for people over the human age of 30 and a moggie called Mickey who specialises in the ‘Creatures’ market!