2477 $56.00

Baby Shark Costume

The Baby Shark Costume is, as far as we know, the only shark in the natural world that according to...

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2440 $10.00

Dancing With Jesus Book

Ah yes, the Dancing With Jesus Manual. Surely, anyone who can do that with bread 'n fish has gotta...

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2394 $33.00

Zelda Master Sword

Capture the Zelda Master Sword - without raising an army - and be one of the few to possess Link’s...

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2125 $42.00

Jenga Drinking Game

This Jenga Drinking Game is an alcoholic twist on the original wooden block stacking game.  This...

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2098 $4.00

Cat Panties

Cat Panties!  These panties are soft, breathable  and seamless so they're invisible underclothing....

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1845 $29.00

Giant Pencil

Mona Lisa.  The Sistine Chapel.  Sunflowers.  All great works of art.  Well yeah, maybe!  But...

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Hand holding golden Mini Toothpick Crossbow
10 Alternative Hunting Weapons

If you love the thrill of the hunt but couldn't even harm a wasp, this list of bonkers weapons might just complete your armoury...

A terrifying pig mask
10 Weird Products That Will Creep You Out!

Yes, weirdness is in the eye of the beholder but some products are so strange, some ideas so bizarre they deserve credit for new records in spookiness.  Take this lot just for starters...

Woman holding Zimbabwe Trillion Dollar Bills
Essentials For Any Student With Money To Burn

We all know most students have no money of their own, right? But Mom and Dad do! So.... young men and women, future thought leaders and promising captains of industry, we're compiling a growing...


1785 $79.00

Giant Jenga Game

Forget those puny little sticks that you remove with your fingertips.  This Giant Jenga Game set of...

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1783 $24.00

Star Wars AT-AT Dog Costume

“And the nominees for ‘Best Dressed Dog’ (a.k.a. ‘Fool of the Month’) are….”.  Yes,...

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1650 $650.00

Giant Beanbag

Wow!  That's not a teeny man!  It's just that this Giant Beanbag is really, really massive! Yes,...

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1635 $6.00

No Ragrets Temporary Tattoo

Tell the world ‘I can’t spell and I don’t give a fork, with this ultra cool No Ragrets...

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1632 $32.00

Werewolf Scary Dog Muzzle

Fed up of dog lovers stopping you in the street?  Or, has your pooch had enough of being the...

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1470 $10.00

A Practical Guide To Racism Book

This Practical Guide To Racism brilliantly exposes the utter stupidity of racism, covering all...

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